Donald Trump and the perennial prophets of doom

This article was not published. Davos, Switzerland is an odd turf. During the World Economic Forum it is hard to distinguish between those who are important and those who feel important. The promenade of the sleepy 10,000 souls town is filled with flashy marketing tents and houses of countries and companies; it is window-shopping where […]

[Reportage] Weltwirtschaftsforum zu Davos: Interview mam Xavier Bettel

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert, an ass de 23. Januar iwwerdroe ginn. De ganze Beitrag fënnt een och hei. Dës Woch fënnt zu Davos an der Schwäiz de Weltwirtschaftsforum statt. De Premierminister Xavier Bettel ass zu Gaascht. De Xavier Bettel ass secher net déi bekannste Perséinlechkeet um Weltwirtschaftsforum zu Davos, wou sech […]

Trump Lays Foundation for Deregulation — Now He Should Cement It

How do you modernize the United States, make it open to innovation, free its entrepreneurs, and show that it is open for business? For decades, conservatives have made the case for deregulation as a way to relieve burdensome D.C. regulations. During his rallies, President Trump vaunts the advantages of cutting red tape, showing how regulation […]


The international body lacks democratic legitimacy and usually devolves into Trump bashing. Why should America host it next year?

Europe has constructed 1,000 km of border walls and fences

If you voted for Donald Trump on the basis of a three-word, three-syllable chant, it was probably “we will win,” “lock her up,” or “build the wall.” Regarding the latter, proponents of less immigration have reason to be frustrated. Prior to the midterm elections, the Republican-held presidency, Senate, and House barely moved an inch on […]

Trump’s worst export is his trade policy

The latest news in Donald Trump’s multi-front trade war is focused on China, in the wake of the president’s decision (over the objections of most of his advisers) to impose a fresh round of tariffs on Chinese goods and China’s unsurprising threats of retaliation. As troubling as those developments are, we shouldn’t move too quickly past his other […]

The EU’s carbons taxes are protectionism à la Trump

The new president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is assembling her cabinet, which will be presented and subjected to hearings by the European Parliament in autumn. Yet when it comes to the priorities of her Commission, she has already laid out several far-reaching proposals, particularly on the environment. Von der Leyen has made it […]

European defence in the age of Trump means actually taking responsibilities

Last month, we’ve seen U.S president Donald Trump slam European leaders for their lack of commitment to NATO military spending targets. Trump believes that his European partners are spending too little on defence and says that in the future, they shouldn’t rely on the States to provide for their security. In light of this policy […]