Malbouffe: enlever Tony le tigre ne fera pas manger sainement les enfants

Le Conseil européen a adopté un projet de conclusions concernant la commercialisation de produits dits “junk-food” (malbouffe), dans lequel il appelle à des restrictions sur la publicité de ces produits, dans le but de protéger les enfants. Les cibles sont les aliments riches en énergie, les graisses saturées, les acides gras, le sucre et le […]

Governments try to pervert corporate self-regulation

Many companies have “self-regulated” by launching initiatives that improve the marketplace, e.g. setting ethical work standards or by providing consumers with more information. These policies are particularly encouraging because they are completely voluntary. However, governments are continuously perverting self-regulation for their own narrative. A Few Examples of Self-Regulation There are many reasons why companies choose […]

EU cohesion spending is non-cohesive and out of control

In a crushing report, the European Court of Auditors (ECA) went after EU spending on plans for a European high-speed rail network. The institution calls current plans “very unlikely”, and describes them as having “low added” value. And yet, the Juncker Commission does little to nothing to reduce cohesion spending, which, according to its own […]

The EU’s enlargement process needs to stop

As the European Union’s integration policies come increasingly under fire, and the union does not agree between itself where it wants to head, it is unwise for Brussels to flirt with the accession of countries such as Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia or Albania. In fact, the EU needs a halt to all accessions for a longer […]

In the face of rising communism, Belgian liberals want to teach history

Belgium’s Communist party is gaining support in the polls despite being ideologically motivated by some of the worst criminals of the 20th century. As a result, the Belgian liberal party is arguing for increased awareness of the crimes of communism in schools. Despite the partisan politics involved in this call for enlightenment, it is duly […]

[ZOOM] Im Design-Fieber

Dieser Artikel wurde für die luxemburgische Tageszeitung “Lëtzebuerger Journal” geschrieben. Die Rubrik “ZOOM” greift junge, alternative und unternehmerische Themen auf und bringt sie den Lesern näher. (Text in veränderter Form im Print) “Für mich ist Mode eine Art seine Persönlichkeit auszudrücken, dementsprechend versuche ich auch meine Designs zu kreieren”, so Charlotte Kroon. Die 22-jährige hat […]

About those childish semi-final reactions

On Wednesday, England lost its semi-final World Cup game against Croatia. Reason enough for those obsessed by Brexit, and having lost the argument in 2016, to get out and moralise based on a sport. It doesn’t take much reading to understand how the question of  “why do they hate us” answers itself.