City AM debate: is fast fashion ethical?

London Fashion Week is drawing to a close, but does fast fashion stand up to ethical scrutiny? Bill Wirtz, senior policy analyst at the Consumer Choice Center, says YES. Every few weeks, there is a new environmentalist quest to ban something that consumers like. While activists in the UK are protesting “fast fashion”, their German […]

“European Way of Life” causes EU outrage

The newly appointed head of the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union, is former German defense minister Ursula von der Leyen. She has now presented her cabinet, and every EU member state has suggested one commissioner, dividing up the 27 portfolios to each country. Von der Leyen had insisted on gender balance […]

A European “no-fly list” violates civil rights

Imitating the United States’ surveillance state methods will not make Europeans safer. The European Union is going through the process of creating a counter-terorrism database that will compile information from EU countries regarding ongoing investigations, prosecutions and convictions of militants, including returning foreign fighters who joined terrorist groups abroad. The measure, called EUROJUST, was supported […]

La méthode scientifique est menacée

Supposons qu’un scientifique vous dise qu’une certaine équation mathématique est manifestement correcte. On pouvait tourner l’équation de toutes les façons possibles, mais on en arrivait toujours à la même conclusion. Supposons maintenant que ce scientifique ait pris la parole une fois à une conférence et que sa chambre d’hôtel ait été payée par une industrie […]

Bashing big bosses, the favourite discipline of the French press

It is an antiphon, declared over and over again in public opinion. From high-level intellectuals like Noam Chomsky to the average citizen, everyone agrees: control by the big bosses over the media protects the former from being targeted by the latter. Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber was already warning of the danger of journalists losing control of their […]


The international body lacks democratic legitimacy and usually devolves into Trump bashing. Why should America host it next year?