Biden’s EPA Wants to Make Farming Even Harder

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in a move that considerably upsets farmers, is moving to essentially ban the commonly used pesticide atrazine. The agency is adapting the so-called concentration equivalent level of concern (CE-LOC) for atrazine from 15 parts per billion (which it had set itself in 2020) to 3.4 ppb — meaning that thousands […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP82: Wireless headphones & European Airline Chaos (co-hosted with Fabio Fernandes)

We’re back! This week’s episode is co-hosted with Fabio Fernandes! Our topics: 🎧 What’s a good choice of wireless headphone? ✈️ Chaos in the sky & will pilotless planes save us? Check out these websites if you want support Ukraine financially: You can follow Fabio Fernandes on Twitter @DeFariaeSilva. Check out his new […]

Checking In on the Bees

The conversation over pollinator health has sparked a heated debate on using crop protection chemicals. In Europe, both neonicotinoid pesticides (marketed since the 1990s) and its competitor sulfoxaflor (registered with the EPA since 2013) have been banned over concerns the insecticides adversely affect bee health.  “Should other politicians vote down the (National Front’s) proposals on […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP81: Taking it back to Georgia! (w/ Yaël Ossowski, Luca Bertoletti, and Aleksandar Kokotovic)

In this week’s episode: United with the Consumer Choice Center team in Tbilisi, Georgia! Yaël Ossowski, Luca Bertoletti, and Aleksandar Kokotovic weigh in on dollar-Euro parity, the so-called “Uber-files” crypto contagion, and much more. Check out Consumer Choice Radio: Check out these websites if you want support Ukraine financially: July 21, 2022 […]

EPA ignores the pleas of farmers on crop protection

The Environmental Protection Agency isn’t listening to farmers and its own scientific panel. In a move that is causing American farmers significant distress, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is effectively banning the use of the herbicide atrazine.  The agency is lowering the so-called concentration equivalent level of concern (CE-LOC) to 3.4 ppb (parts per billion), […]

Bill Would Give US Production of Vital Electronics to China

The consequences of a bill in Congress will make you want to buy a new phone and laptop, provided that inflation leaves you with enough disposable income to do that. While Americans are dealing with the effects of record-high gas prices, Democrats in Congress are suggesting the so-called PFAS Action Act, which would declare perfluoroalkyl and […]

Le MACF, ou le protectionnisme de Donald Trump en version européenne

L’Union européenne est tout aussi protectionniste que les Etats-Unis. Elle utilise juste des moyens et des justifications différents pour arriver à ses fins. Avez-vous déjà entendu parler de « l’ajustement à l’objectif 55 » ? Probablement pas, car pendant que l’Union européenne invente de nouvelles façons de détruire votre pouvoir d’achat, vous êtes probablement plus préoccupé par d’autres […]

Can Joe Biden restore food trade talks with Europe?

For the EU, former President Donald Trump’s international policy was seen as a major regression for global trade policy. When former EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker signed the EU-Japan trade deal in 2018 — abolishing virtually all tariffs — Europe sold the move as being in significant contrast to the protectionism taken in the United States. That said, many […]