Drones can save lives in situations like Grenfell Tower

On the 14th of June, a London apartment block by the name of Grenfell Tower, based in North Kensington, caught fire. In this horrible tragedy, 79 people are presumed to have died from the fire or asphyxiation, even though the fire brigade was tirelessly working on bringing the situation under control. Bringing a 24-storey building […]

Is French Conservatism Dead?

In the recent French elections, Emmanuel Macron won both the presidency and a large parliamentary majority for his party. Few had expected a year ago that Macron, a former economic minister, could stun the nation and secure this incredible mandate. At the beginning of the campaign, it was actually François Fillon of the conservative Republican […]

Emmanuel Macron is a Hypocrite on Protectionism

This article has been co-authored with Louis Rouanet. On Sunday, French voters headed to the polls to vote in the second round of the parliamentary elections. The political party of the new president Emmanuel Macron, La République En Marche, has won an absolute majority, distancing all his political rivals by a considerable share of the […]

Safarisource: the Airbnb for Safaris cuts out the middle-man

As the sharing economy develops, the opportunities for cutting out the middle-man seem endless. After Lyft and Uber revolutionised personal transport, BlaBlaCar challenged public transportation and Airbnb overthrew our concept of monetising our own properties, Safarisource attempts to do the same thing with safaris. Launched at the INDABA tourism trade fair in South Africa on […]

Meet Alberto Alemanno, Brussel’s Most Influential Lobbyist

It’s an average morning in the European Parliament in Brussels, the center of power for the European Union. Avalanches of lawmakers, policy advisors, and lobbyists trickle through the immense doors at the Place de Luxembourg, filling the chamber’s committee rooms with discussions over new laws and regulations. At the cafeteria of the parliament’s Northern aisle, […]

Emmanuel Macron now has an uncomfortably large majority

On Sunday, French voters headed to the polls to vote in their second round of parliamentary elections. The first round saw large leads for La République En Marche, the brand new party of recently elected president Emmanuel Macron, which received 32.5 percent of the overall vote.

The Cost of the War on Drugs: the Example of France

France is among the most strict European countries in the repression against drugs. As a result, the question about the real cost of this repression of illegal substances arises is a particularly pertinent one. For all those who do not want to make the effort of listening to me on why the War on Drugs […]