The gaming community shouldn’t get in bed with legislators

The release of Electronic Art’s new video game Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has seen a new debate on gambling arise. The practice of having gamers pay for so-called “loot boxes” has come under investigation in Belgium, sparking multiple institutions to argue for stricter regulation.

Dear Baltic countries: the best practice is to reject the Nanny State

In a joint statement issued in mid-December, the three Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania promised to pursue policies promoting healthy lifestyles. Lithuanian Minister of Health Aurelijus Veryga, Latvian Minister of Health Anda Čakša and Estonian Minister of Health and Labour Jevgeni Ossinovski signed a memorandum of intent on cooperation in reducing alcohol consumption, […]

Macron’s crackdown on fake news is a terrible idea

In press statements for the beginning of this year, French president Emmanuel Macron announced his plans for cracking down on fake news. Haunted by the controversial Macron Leaks towards the end of the presidential campaign (which he won in May last year), the new French president was expected to go after the practice early in […]

Demandons une politique publique basée sur des preuves!

Lors d’une initiative récente des sociaux-démocrates et des verts au Parlement européen, un appel a été lancé en faveur de l’élimination progressive de l’utilisation du phosphate dans le fast-food döner kebab. C’était, à tout le moins le titre des médias internationaux jusqu’à ce que la faction parlementaire des sociaux-démocrates qualifie la décision de “fake news”.

Social justice warriors are going to hate this girl

“They don’t like Asians”, says Hebing Wang with a smirk as she elaborates on the social justice movement and its underlying philosophy. “In a world in which everything is based on oppression points and not on merit, they cannot stand the fact that Asians are actually over-achievers.”

Ireland’s Misled New Alcohol Policy

In a renewed effort to crack down on alcohol abuse, the Irish Senate has approved new policies regarding alcoholic beverages. Apart from mandatory health labelling on the products themselves, the law would also require a legal minimum unit pricing. A similar regulation had recently passed objections by the UK’s Supreme Court, as Scotland was attempting […]

The cronyism behind your contact lenses

Nothing is as frustrating than not being able to see. According to the The Vision Council Research (2015), 76 percent of the adult population in the US uses some sort of vision correction. About 40 million Americans use contact lenses, making it a $4.6 billion retail industry.

L’inutilité de la hausse du prix du tabac

La paquet de cigarettes à 10 € pour dissuader les fumeurs ? Encore une fausse bonne idée, sauf pour les caisses des organisations terroristes… Six étapes en trois ans : la ministre de la santé a annoncé récemment la politique de hausse tarifaire qui fera augmenter le prix du paquet de cigarettes à 10 €. Pour […]

We get it, you should have bought Bitcoin

So Bitcoin just hit $17,000, or is it $20,000. By the time this is published, even if I review it ten minutes before sending it to our editor Daniel Fallenstein, the price of the most known crypto-currency probably reached another high. If you’re reading this some time in the future, you might think “Bitcoin?”, as it’s decline has […]