There is an easy way to make medicine instantly cheaper

COVID-19 has heightened public awareness on the question of drug prices. After vaccine prices had been leaked to the public by Belgian minister Eva de Bleeker, questions arose on the costs associated with creating vaccines. This is essentially a similar debate when it comes to the prices of all drugs. The question of how to […]

[Podcast] Oppen Dieren Episod 1: Impfstrategie vun der EU

Déi éischt Episod vum neie Podcast “Oppen Dieren” ass disponibel um Lëtzebuerger Journal, och fir net-Abonnenten. Dir fannt déi ganz Episod andeems dir HEI klickt. Dir kënnt onofhängege Journalismus ënnerstëtze andeems dir iech op de Lëtzebuerger Journal abonnéiert. Méi Informatioune fannt dir op

Will the GMO vaccine change our views on genetic engineering?

The most prominent version of a COVID-19 vaccine was developed through genetic engineering. The is a novelty in vaccine science, because it allows for easier processes in the way we fight diseases such as COVID-19. As Cornell’s Alliance for Science explains: “That’s what the “m” in mRNA stands for : messenger. Messenger RNA just carries […]

The problem with the plastic debate

The European Union’s new plastic tax has come into effect on January 1. You’ll see this new tax often described as an EU-tax that you pay directly as a consumer into a treasury in Brussels. While that indirectly true, it’s important to understand how it works. The plastic tax charges a tax of 80 Euro […]

OneCoin to rule them all

My latest article was published on Journal. It can be found HERE, and is available to Journal subscribers. An alleged crypto Ponzi scheme implicates a Luxembourgish spy and a Luxembourgish banker. If you want to support independent journalism in Luxembourg, you can subscribe to Journal for €168/year, and access all of their digital content. All […]

[Video] Interview with Jean-Claude Juncker

This video was recorded by Lëtzebuerger Journal in December 2020, for the show “Elo mol éierlech” (Let’s be honest) that I am hosting on their digital platform. The video is available for free on the website of Journal. (original language: Luxembourgish // subtitles available in English) Here is a short clip: If you want to […]

I am now working with Lëtzebuerger Journal !

Dear readers, Happy new year 2021 ! As promised, new projects are coming in 2021, and with that the announcement that I have started as a freelance journalist with Lëtzebuerger Journal. Journal is a Luxembourg-based newspaper that goes completely digital this year, after 70 years of publishing a print newspaper. Journalism is changing, and so […]