L’extrême gauche allemande et son passé homophobe

Lors de sa dernière session parlementaire précédant la pause estivale, le Bundestag allemand a légalisé le mariage homosexuel. Le vote – et même son résultat – a été une surprise pour tout le monde, y compris, peut-être, pour Angela Merkel elle-même. Le parti de Merkel, les démocrates-chrétiens (CDU/CSU), en coalition avec les sociaux-démocrates (SPD) avaient convenu de […]

[ZOOM] Für Luxemburg im Rennen

Dieser Artikel wurde für die luxemburgische Tageszeitung “Lëtzebuerger Journal” geschrieben. Die Rubrik “ZOOM” greift junge, alternative und unternehmerische Themen auf und bringt sie den Lesern näher. (Text in veränderter Form im Print) Seien es die Gebrüder Schleck für das Radfahren oder Gilles Müller im Tennis: Luxemburg zeigt immer wieder dass auch kleine Länder großes sportliches […]

Ask Your Grandparents How Awesome Capitalism Is

Every family has their habits when it comes to staying in touch with the elderly. To many it is a regular chore for which every feasible excuse to not indulge in it will be greeted with open arms. However, those people are missing out on the most valuable economics lesson they could possibly get, one […]

Recommended by Brexit Central

The pro-Brexit advocacy website Brexit Central has recommended one of my contributions for CapX, the political commentary website of the Centre for Policy Studies in the United Kingdom. The article can be read here.

Published in the Maastricht Journal of Sustainability Studies

My academic paper “The Essence of Free Market Environmentalism” has been published by the Maastricht Journal of Sustainability Studies, which is the university’s own academic journal. The paper is available (in its unedited form) on this blog and can also be found on the website of Maastricht University here.

France’s Curious Jurisprudence on Self-Ownership

Whenever France is back in the news, it’s usually a story about yet another ludicrous ban. And boy, have we seen an awful, awful, awful, awful,awwwwfuuuul lot of those in the past. It almost seems like the “ban all the things” internet meme has found its perfect representation in the country of wine and cheese.