Automation isn’t a threat to our economy

Will robots take my job?’ is a frequently asked question today. So frequent, in fact, that there is even a website – – attempting to answer precisely that question with a statistically accurate calculation. It suggests that a credit analyst, for example, is running a 98 per cent chance of being computerised, while an editor at […]

EU-nationalism is a monster of our own creation

Whenever there is a crisis, there are a num- ber of ways to deal with it. It stands to reason, in most situations, that an organisation re-evaluates the way it has been conducting itself, which may or may not have lead to the crisis in the first place. Brexit is such an opportunity for the […]

Так что же наконец такое европейские ценности?

По мере хода переговоров по «Брекзиту» и попыткам Европейского союза предотвратить исход еще большего числа государств-членов из объединения, постоянно поднимается вопрос о «европейских ценностях». Тех, кто критикует ЕС обвиняют в том, что они не разделяют общих ценностей, которые необходимо защитить. Вопрос, которым необходимо задаться: так что же наконец такое европейские ценности?

We should consider increasing private policing

Last month, the Daily Mail newspaper in the United Kingdom published a viral story about a private police force which has proven to be very effective. The company, TM Eye, is lead by former Scotland Yard senior officers, and has a conviction rate of 100 per cent. The key: this police force has been taking on offences […]

[REPORTAGE] Solle Roboter haftbar ginn?

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg realiséiert, an ass de 16. Mee ausgestraalt ginn. De Beitrag kann och am Replay op nogelauschtert ginn. [Radio USO]: D’technesch Entwécklungen wéi autonom Autoen an aner Forme vu kënschtlecher Intelligenz stellen eng ganz Rëtsch juristesch Froen. Wien ass responsabel wann ee Roboter enger Persoun Schued zoufügt? De Bill Wirtz […]

N’ayant pas peur de l’automatisation!

La généralisation de l’automatisation s’accompagne (de manière prévisible) d’une peur accrue de ses effets. Un certain nombre de politiciens préconise même de taxer les robots, afin de compenser la perte d’emplois concomitante. Cependant, la réalité montre que l’inquiétude est infondée.

An illustration of Europe’s anti-smoking obsession

The European Union does everything it can to reduce the number of smokers in its member states. What appears to be a laudable goal, has turned into a fact-free obsession in recent years. In fact, member states and EU regulations have made the market less transparent for the consumer, and have made harm-reducing products less […]

[ZOOM] Schnell unterwegs

Dieser Artikel wurde für die luxemburgische Tageszeitung “Lëtzebuerger Journal” geschrieben. Die Rubrik “ZOOM” greift junge, alternative und unternehmerische Themen auf und bringt sie den Lesern näher. (Text in veränderter Form im Print) Jedes Jahr findet die Formel 1-Weltmeisterschaft statt, die von vielen Luxemburgern verfolgt wird. Letztes Jahr war es der Brite Lewis Hamilton der zum […]