The FAIR Fees Act would make air travel more unfair

The new FAA reauthorization bill includes a provision by Sens. Ed Markey, D-Mass and Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., that would effectively turn the entire business of air travel upside down. The so-called FAIR (Forbid Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous Fees Act)Fees Act targets any fee for a change or cancellation of a reservation for a flight in interstate air transportation, […]

European defence in the age of Trump means actually taking responsibilities

Last month, we’ve seen U.S president Donald Trump slam European leaders for their lack of commitment to NATO military spending targets. Trump believes that his European partners are spending too little on defence and says that in the future, they shouldn’t rely on the States to provide for their security. In light of this policy […]

Greenpeace is a political organisation… says Greenpeace

The Austrian research portal “Addendum” released a bombshell videoregarding the facts, figures, and positions regarding GMO foods. In this report that attempted to explain the reality of both the technology, economic implications and public discourse, the site sat down with both current and former Greenpeace activists, leading them to reveal the awful reality of anti-science activism.

[ZOOM] Junge Kochkunst

Dieser Artikel wurde für die luxemburgische Tageszeitung “Lëtzebuerger Journal” geschrieben. Die Rubrik “ZOOM” greift junge, alternative und unternehmerische Themen auf und bringt sie den Lesern näher. (Text in veränderter Form im Print) “Hmmm das schmeckt super!” Das ist mitunter der Satz den Rita Bento Gonçalves’ ab liebsten hört. Die 19-jährige entschied sich in ihrer Zeit […]

Why is the Nanny State so popular?

Bans on plastic straws, soda taxes, bans on diesel cars, the crackdown on smoking, restrictions on alcohol consumption: the list of restrictions on people’s personal freedoms is steadily increasing. But why is the Nanny State so popular?

China’s trade and investment policy can break up the European Union

At the current moment, the European Union is as divided as ever: Central and Eastern European nations are fundamentally at odds with the vision of EU leaders in Brussels. The one thing that has been holding the group together is a common investment and trade policy. The People’s Republic of China however, has the potential […]

Trump’s free trade suggestion remains unheard

During European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker’s visit to Washington D.C, Donald Trump once again suggested a tariff-and subsidy-free trade area between the European Union and the United States. Yet, the American president continues to fall on deaf ears, for reasons that tell more about the EU than it does about ominous ‘Trumpism’.

Wie die EU dicke Kinder schlank machen will

Die Gesundheitsminister der Europäischen Union haben Vorschläge für die Regulierung der Vermarktung von sogenanntem Junkfood vorgelegt, in denen Beschränkungen von Werbung solcher Produkte gefordert werden. Geschützt werden sollten vor allem Kinder.

Zeichentrickfiguren auf Frühstücksflocken sollen weg

“Befürworter der öffentlichen Gesundheit” wollen gegen eine massive Gefahr vorgehen: Zeichentrickfiguren auf Packungen von Getreideflocken, wie zum Beispiel die der Marke Kellogg’s. Angeblich haben es Tony der Tiger, Sonny der Kuckuck Vogel, Cap’n Crunch oder Graf Chocula alle auf unsere Kinder abgesehen.