ConsEUmer podcast / EP117: Tax Magic & TAP Turbulence (w/ Jorge Teixeira)

This week’s episode is aviation-heavy: 💶 The study by T&E on kerosene taxes is just very wrong 🇵🇹 The political scandal surrounding Portugal’s national airline (w/ Jorge Teixeira) (also, the date is June 1st for this episode, not June 2nd as I said in the episode… my bad!) June 1, 2023 Follow ConsEUmer wherever you […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP116: European wine war, mega-Meta fine, and Central bank control (w/ Parker McCumber)

In this week’s episode of ConsEUmer: 🍷 Italy is still fuming over Ireland’s alcohol label 🇪🇺 The EU fines Meta over a billion Euros 💱 What are the dangers of CBDCs? (w/ Parker McCumber) You can follow Parker McCumber on Twitter @Parker_McCumber. Read his article in the American Thinker here: May 25, 2023 Follow […]

For the farm bill to do any good, it needs to prioritize this one thing

Is the farm bill a welfare program for slackers or the last-ever chance to create a sustainable food model for the future? Listening to Republicans and Democrats, those seem to be the only two choices. The $1 trillion-plus spending package that is the 2023 farm bill is set to become an unprecedented point of contention […]

Agriculture is set to become next hot political issue

Whether it’s Mexico’s threat of banning the import of American corn, or the five-year revamp of the American Farm Bill, agriculture is not merely about growing food. As the politics of farming affects the livelihoods of each American, it transforms agricultural policy into an electoral issue. The Biden administration recently announced the creation of a […]

Quand les écolos bloquent les routes européennes

L’écologisme moderne n’est pas pro-humain, il est anti-impact. Sauf pour le coût des politiques qui s’en inspirent… La tendance des écologistes à bloquer les routes européennes pour plaider en faveur d’une isolation financée par le gouvernement, de l’interdiction des voitures ou de l’interdiction des jets privés – selon ce qui les intéresse ce jour-là – […]

Biden’s Air Passenger Compensation Scheme is just Smoke and Mirrors

President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg have announced plans that would require airlines to pay compensation to passengers in case of flight disruptions that are within the purview of the airline. The move echoes legislation that has existed in the European Union for almost two decades. In principle, delay compensation sounds good. If […]

How Russia Props Up Anti-Science Narratives In Agriculture

As the now year-old war in Ukraine continues to unravel, so do the stories revealing the ruthlessness with which the Russian state has not only intervened in political discourse, but also in areas of global public debate. There are those untruths that further the interests of the Kremlin in a palpable geopolitical way: think “Ukraine […]

La nouvelle cible réglementaire de l’UE

Nos régulateurs et leur approche paternaliste risquent de faire encore des ravages. Si vous vous parfumez avant une soirée ou que vous appliquez un anti-moustique cet été, il se peut que vous utilisiez des huiles essentielles. Ces extraits concentrés de plantes sont largement utilisés à la maison, et pas seulement par les blogueurs spécialisés dans […]