You Don’t Own This

Disclaimer: The goal of this story is to show the advantages and disadvantages of a society living according to a model of Free-Market Environmentalism. It is embedded in the idea that no economic or judicial system can be just or comfortable. It is inspired, amongst others, by an article by Ryan McMaken of the Mises […]

In an era of cheap aviation, putting tariffs on new planes is a bad idea

Last week, the US Department of Commerce released a statement in which it announced new tariffs on Canadian plane imports. The description “Duty Determination on Imports of 100- to 150-Seat Large Civil Aircraft From Canada“ will sound oddly specific to most readers, but very familiar to people interested in civil aviation. One-hundred to 150-seat Canadian aircrafts are currently […]

Recycling CO2 might be possible in the future

While the question of CO2-emissions becomes increasingly worrying for most members of society, the answer from many government officials sounds dim. As of now, the reduction of pollution with the greenhouse gas is only dealt with through advocacy of lower consumption: we institute daylight saving times, No Car days or ban plastic bags. Whether or […]

Martin Schulz is the first victim of Brexit

On September 24, Germans headed to the polls to elect a new parliament. Despite Angela Merkel’s Christian-Democrat CDU/CSU losing massively in support, she remains in a position of forming a government in the coming months. Her Social-Democrat rival Martin Schulz however lost his shot at the Chancellor’s office and announced on Sunday evening that his […]

A ‘digital tax’ is just another burden on consumers

In a recent move by four EU member states, the European Union has brought up the issue of digital taxation, by suggesting that online business services should be taxed on turnover, not on profits. Based on an initiative by the finance ministers of France, Germany, Italy and Spain, these four governments demand action of the […]

The EU’s populist rhetoric on dual food quality

When EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker mentioned in his state of the union address to the European Parliament that it is unacceptable that some member states get lower quality products in their supermarket than others, many Central and European citizens must have felt relief.