We should be careful in our embrace of Jordan Peterson

I believe that I like Jordan Peterson for the same reasons that most libertarians do. His wonderful defence of freedom of speech (though it should extensively be considered freedom of expression) in the debate about gender pronouns was necessary. Free speech has received an avid defender, and an articulate one at that. In his first podcast […]

A zero-tariff G7 area? Yes please!

In yet another stunning turn of events at the current G7 meeting in Canada, Donald Trump has argued for a tariff-free G7 area. This would mean zero tariffs and no subsidies. Regardless of whether Trump’s suggestion is to be taken seriously, the reactions speak for themselves.

The WHO needs to go

The World Health Organization is a large and antiquated United Nations body that is expensive unnecessary and counterproductive to its own cause of “public health.” It’s time to take the appropriate measures and defund it.

The European Union, not Trump, started the trade war

Within the next 30 days, the European Union wants to respond to new US tariffs on steel and aluminum, which were imposed by the Trump administration. After an initial exemption, the president now seems to be more determined to follow through with his attempt to “protect American industries.” With a trade war seemingly about to […]

The GDPR is just as bad as the spam it produces

Have you returned to the office from your holiday weekend to find your email inbox flooded with privacy policy updates from every company you’ve ever crossed paths with? Well, you can thank an avalanche of new rules from the European Union for that. But the harms imposed by the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation […]

Published in the 4Liberty.eu Review No. 8

I was published in the eighth edition of the 4Liberty.eu Review, which focuses on personal freedom. In my contribution, I address the influence of lifestyle regulations throughout European states, and the scientific evidence that underlines their efficacy (or the lack thereof).

Why isn’t the UK not doing more to rid itself of dirty money?

Earlier this month, the UK’s parliament backed a change to legislation that would force the government to push offshore tax havens to boost transparency in an effort to tackle corruption and money laundering. Without much enthusiasm, the government has announced not to oppose a cross-party amendment.