Food Trade with Europe Should Be a Bipartisan Priority

The United States has the opportunity to upgrade its food exports to increase revenues for farmers, but for that to happen it needs to negotiate a comprehensive trade deal with Europe. For reference, America exports more food to Japan, a market of 125 million consumers, than to the European Union, which holds (with its associated […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP105: Schiphol cuts down, Air passenger privacy, and Central bank digital currencies (w/ Pieter Cleppe)

In this week’s episode: 🍲 The EU wants to phase out “unsustainable diets” 🛫 Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam cuts passenger numbers 🗄️ Regulators put a stop to air travel passenger data You can follow Pieter Cleppe on Twitter @pietercleppe. Check out Brussels Report: March 2, 2023 Follow ConsEUmer wherever you get your podcasts: Apple: […]

Are the Feds Coming for Your Amazon Prime Account Next?

According to the Wall Street Journal, tech giant Amazon may soon face an antitrust lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Amazon has, for years, faced criticism for its business model which is seen by regulators and (some) politicians as “anticompetitive” – whether it is the accusation of preferencing its own products in its online store, […]

Europe’s Farm Reforms Come to Haunt It

When the European Commission (the EU’s executive arm) unveiled the “Farm to Fork” (often referred to as F2F) strategy in May 2020, the repercussions of the years to come were unknown. Brussels laid out an ambitious roadmap for agricultural reform: reducing land use, severe cuts in synthetic crop protection, reduction in synthetic fertilizers and boosting […]

Local Gov’t Internet Is No Solution

If you’re connected to Wi-Fi while reading this article, you might be interested in testing your internet speed, which you can do with a simple online search to check your download speed. The highest median download speed in the United States is in Minnesota, with 100 megabytes per second, which is great for all work and […]