The European Union is increasingly becoming a super-state

Over time, the European Union has developed into more than just an economic cooperation between nations. The EU is a big and intrusive government that constantly acquires new powers. And like all superstates, its tendency to defend freedom against control is swindling. 

Europe needs tax competition

Back in December, the finance ministers of the European Union agreed on a new common list of so-called “tax havens”, which compete with particularly lower corporate income tax rates. On this “black list”, a total of 17 states around the globe appeared  amongst them were Mongolia, South Korea, Bahrain, Barbados and the United Arab Emirates. […]

Irish excise taxes hurt responsible drinkers

Irish levels of taxation on alcohol beverages are, in comparison with European counterparts, at appallingly high levels. These are being carried by the Irish consumer, most notably by those who are responsible drinkers. Is the Irish policy on alcohol the correct one to tackle public health concerns? The Irish excise tax rate on wine is […]

If you oppose migration from Africa, empower liberty in Africa

Ever since the Arab Spring, migration from Africa to Europe has increased and so has skepticism towards Africans, in particular. This has empowered anti-immigration activists in both Europe and the United States who argue for closing down borders. There are, however, solutions that both sides of this argument could actually get behind.

Bus market liberalisation is a win for everyone

One of the principles of the EU’s common transport policy is the freedom to provide services in the field of transport. This freedom includes access to international transport markets for all EU carriers without discrimination on grounds of nationality or place of establishment. The second Mobility Pack is encouraging the liberalisation the inter-city bus market […]

Whom do unions really protect?

This week has seen massive strikes in the French public railway services. While the unions are holding the French transport system hostage, only a fraction of both regional and high-speed intercity trains are operational. France is a notable example of what happens when unions gain the upper hand. But whom do they really protect?

Asteroid mining can put an end to scarcity

In the attempt to limit the effects of climate change, and with the conscience that resources on planet Earth are scarce, many advocate for limiting the consumption of natural resources. However, having access to natural resources is essential for our economic development, and particularly to make social mobility possible: without a growing economy, there are […]

Can Luxembourg become an important post-Brexit player?

Since the end of the steel industry in the Greater Region (the area of Saarland, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Wallonia and the rest of the French-speaking community of Belgium, and the German-speaking community of Belgium), the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg has focused on the tertiary sector, especially investment and insurance companies. One regulatory advantage which Luxembourg was […]

European identitarianism is national socialism for hipsters

Marion Le Pen caused a minor scandal when when she appeared at CPAC last month. Matt Schlapp insisted that she was “a classical liberal.” Others suggested that the Le Pen family and the National Front represented something very different from classical liberalism. At the very least, Marion Le Pen is the standard bearer of a distinctly European form […]