I went to a ‘Stop Brexit’ march. This is what happened.

Last Wednesday, I purposefully moved into the lion’s den. As a eurosceptic who lives in Luxembourg, I expected to manifestly throw myself into quite an adventure when I decided to cover a ‘Stop Brexit’ march in Luxembourg-City. Little did I know that the excitement to stop this democratic vote wasn’t all that large. Upon arrival, […]

Statement: Trud article mischaracterising my argument

I would like to reiterate here what I already posted on social media yesterday. The biggest-circulation newspaper in Bulgaria, Trud, published a translated version of my recent article about Robert Schuman. It can be read here. The original was an article published by CityAM.

Plain packaging is doing nothing to reduce tobacco consumption

With the introduction of the first plain packaging legislation for tobacco worldwide in 2012, Australia inspired European countries to follow its example. Both the UK and France now impose similar legislation on tobacco companies, with widespread unintended consequences. It turns out that the measure has no effect on consumption and, even worse, makes life easier […]

Hookah is Winning the War on Tobacco

As governments crackdown on the consumption of tobacco worldwide, an analysis of the consequences of these behavioral policies is of vital importance. One of the key measures of anti-smoking advocates is the ban on smoking inside bars. These rules have not only pushed cigarette smokers to the doorstep: it has driven many into hookah bars.

The AfD is not a classically liberal alternative for Germany

In a little under three weeks’ time, the Germans will be heading to the polls. Angela Merkel is poised to be re-annointed Chancellor. But while her party, the Christian-Democrat CDU/CSU should easily regain power, the German parliament is set to become more diverse – and not necessarily in a good way. Both the liberal democrat […]

“The next libertarian revolution will be in Latin America”

Agostina Lorenzini looks nervous as we begin the call on Google Hangout: “Bill, you know I don’t like to talk about myself”. The humility is unreasonable, as it is for most people who contribute a lot and don’t mention their achievements. “The problem with today’s society is that stupid people are full of confidence and […]

How awesome are Doctors Without Borders?

Doctors without Borders, often known under its French name Médecins sans frontières (MSF) is an international NGO which seeks to provide medical support in regions struck by crises, including war, natural disasters or epidemics. MSF is currently operating (literally and figuratively) in 60 countries around the globe and also engages in the provision of medicine and […]