Even The Germans Are Coronavirus Protesters Now

According to the Berlin police, some 20,000 protesters took to the streets last weekend to oppose nationwide lockdown measures designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Germany has been praised internationally for its efficient management of the crisis, which is why most of Berlin’s political class was upset by the large gatherings.  The protests have […]

Europe Needs a “New UK”

French President Emmanuel Macron accused the “Frugals”, i.e. the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden (during the last European Council summit, Finland also joined this group) of “acting like Brexit Britain.” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte had demanded a smaller proportion of grants – handing out money without having to repay it – instead of loans awarded by […]

Quoted by AgriLand.ie

I was quoted by AgriLand.ie on the issue of a derogation for a COVID-19 GMO vaccine development procedure. You can read the full quote below, or you can visit the original source here.

New EU rule changes would mean bad news for Smokers and Vapers alike

In its conclusions in June, the European Council approved a new consensus on excise duties on tobacco. The member states suggest rule changes that would increase the price of tobacco, and equally affect non-tobacco products such as e-cigarettes. Since 2011, the European Union has had a common minimum excise duty on tobacco products, which notably increased the […]

Here’s who the “Frugal Four” are and why you should root for them

In order to respond to COVID-19 and the economic collapse that we are experiencing as a result of the lockdown measures, the European Commission has laid out an ambitious program to tackle the situation. During the European Council meeting on June 19, EU heads of state and government were not able to find common ground […]

Why Some Statues In Europe Should Be Torn Down (And Others Shouldn’t)

Imagine visiting the German city of Frankfurt and walking down Heinrich Himmler Avenue, taking a left on Reinhard Heydrich Plaza, continuing down Joseph Goebbels Boulevard, and ending up in front of a golden statue of Adolf Hitler. It would never happen—in fact, sounds like a scene out of the TV show Man in the High Castle.

[Video] World Vape Day 2020

Click below to watch the day-long coverage by the World Vapers Alliance of World Vape Day 2020, in which I took part as well. My panel starts on the time stamp 2:26:32.

The Court Decision That Shook The European Union

Usually a decision out of Germany that changes the entire European continent isn’t a good thing. However, in this case, it could represent the biggest institutional upset in the history of the European Union. Miguel Poiares Maduro of the European University Institute’s School of Transnational Governance puts it this way: “It is not the first time […]