When it comes to masturbation, we have always been about self-ownership

There is strange divergence of thought when it comes to self-ownership. For most of public opinion, your body belongs to yourself when it comes to things like tattoos, piercings, gaining weight, losing weight, plastic surgery or abortion. It denies self-ownership regarding the fruit of your labour (keeping the money you earned yourself) or the consumption […]

Health Nazis Were Actually A Thing

Many smokers these days poke fun at the crusaders of the anti-tobacco lobby as “health nazis.” The comparison is related to the extreme and authoritarian nature of national socialism. Tobacco control campaigners have tried, including through academic studies, to brand this Nazi-rhetoric as a fallacy.

The EU’s Chief Brexit Negotiator is an anti-anglophone

When the European Union Commission needed to appoint a negotiator for its talks with the United Kingdom, the task was of essential importance. This person needed to be a distinguished diplomat, a careful communicator in the media, and a connoisseur of the intricacy of the relationship between the British Isles and the continent. The toxic […]

Macron gets Africa wrong, and so do his critics

This week, French president Emmanuel Macron made headlines with an answer he give during a G20 press conference in Hamburg, Germany. He was asked by a journalist whether he thinks Africa needs something comparable to a Marshall Plan in order to get its economy going.

France’s petrol ban is yet another socialist daydream

France’s new centrist government (it’s actually good old socialism, but we’ll roll with the mainstream term here) under president Emmanuel Macron, announced its new environmental policy. As the initiator of the Paris Climate Agreement, France wants to show itself ambitious in the fight against global warming. President Trump announced a few weeks ago that the […]

Our own fear is worse than terrorism

For two years now Europe has been hit by multiple terror attacks, most of which occurred in France, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The responses, both political and individual decisions, are likely to be far more damaging than the attacks themselves.