France’s Fight Against Islamism Becomes Another Cynical Crackdown

Emmanuel Macron might be talking tough, but his real concern is the election calendar The beheading of Samuel Paty in October of last year has had a long-lasting effect on French politics. Paty, a civics teacher, was stabbed in cold blood by an Islamist terrorist as a reprisal against his having shown the Charlie Hebdo caricatures of […]

Turkey’s religious symbolism startles the EU

My latest article was published on Journal. It can be found HERE, and is available to Journal subscribers. Last year, the Turkish government transformed the museum of Hagia Sophia into a grand mosque. The move was a political calculation that sparked outrage in certain religious communities, among defenders of secularism, and in Brussels. The transformation is […]

Having an eye for business

My latest article was published on Journal. It can be found HERE, and is available to Journal subscribers. The Italian brand Luxottica is the biggest market player in its field. Having accumulated large parts of an essential medical device, where does that leave small companies and actors in the optician business? If you want to support […]

The inconsistencies of the European precautionary principle

Genetic engineering continues not to be allowed in the EU, but random mutagenesis is Despite revolutionising agriculture, genetic engineering is not allowed in the European Union. I have laid out the problem with this EU legislation in other blog posts on this website. In this article, I want to explain the blatant inconsistency of allowing […]

Oxfam’s miscalculations on global wealth

Oxfam regularly releases new reports on inequality and keeps getting it wrong… So let’s revisit an older report to show how the next one is likely to be flawed once again — in an effort to avoid another needless European Parliament debate on inequality. The EU cannot allow itself to get stuck in an endless […]

Red meat is not the enemy

Targeting meat misses the point The leaked EU Beating Cancer Plan layed out that Brussels wants to crack down on red meat, in an effort to reduce cancer in Europe. The European Commission considered dropping marketing subsidies for red and processed meat because of health concerns, but later reverted as it faced backlash. We now […]