Friendly fire: Europe’s trade unions are against an EU-minimum wage

The incoming European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs has only about one thing in common with yours truly: he’s Luxembourgish. Nicolas Schmit is a lifelong socialist and has been Minister of Labor in Luxembourg for as far as I can remember. Bureaucrat-made-politician, Schmit is a sworn enemy of the free market and no great […]

Without Britain, The European Union Lurches Towards Its Own Army

A regrettable consequence of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union is that the bloc has lost a mitigating influence on its political integration. For the most part, the UK has sought to protect its financial and regulatory advantages against Brussels, which has been keen to over-regulate London’s finance industry. Former British prime minister […]

In Europe, carbon taxes are the new mercantilism

The European Union (EU) has found a 21st century way of imposing Trump-style import tariffs, and it’s bad for everyone. The EU just got a brand new executive on the lead of its first female president, former German Defense Minister Ursula Von der Leyen.

Brexit Fails To Start World War III

Has World War III started yet? Anyone who believed former British prime minister and European Union supporter David Cameron in 2016 would think that it had. Cameron claimed that Britain exiting the EU would lead to another global conflict that would destroy Europe as we know it. The reality is that all that has been destroyed is […]

Donald Trump and the perennial prophets of doom

This article was not published. Davos, Switzerland is an odd turf. During the World Economic Forum it is hard to distinguish between those who are important and those who feel important. The promenade of the sleepy 10,000 souls town is filled with flashy marketing tents and houses of countries and companies; it is window-shopping where […]

Read my lips: air travel is good

The so-called flygskamers, or ‘flight-shamers’, are everywhere. The flight shaming movement initially started in Sweden, then proceeded to spread its wings (ironically, at first) across Europe.

Do you buy political consent with cash or credit?

The European Commission recently unveiled a list of policy priorities that are supposed to help save the environment. In a previous article on this page, I had looked more specifically at the carbon border tax (which isn’t technically a tax), and which would add further problems of an already struggling European industrial sector. In this piece, […]

A new pro-science citizen’s initiative deserves support

A new student organized EU Citizens’ Initiative demands a streamlined process of authorising scientific innovations in the field of agriculture. They deserve to be heard and supported. On 25th July, the European Commission registered the Citizens’ Initiative Grow scientific progress: crops matter! Two students are named as representatives, namely Martina Helmlinger and Lavinia Scudiero.