France’s yellow vests: one step forwards, one hundred steps backwards

“Victoire.” From many standpoints, France’s yellow vest protests have been the most successful of their kind in decades. This is because they directly achieved the scrapping of a specific political measure. For many protests, we could attribute some sort of effect to their chants and drums, but we also presume it was just the last […]

The ECJ, politically charged, opposes harm-reduction

In January last year, the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) appealed against the 1992 EU-ban on the smokeless tobacco snus. Snus is powdered tobacco, often sold in pre-packed bags of the size of an index finger, which the users place on the upper lip. It is sometimes confused with snuffed tobacco, which is legal. Snus does […]

Cannabis legalisation needs to be applauded

The incoming government has announced it: recreational cannabis will be made legal in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The significance of this is massive, since Luxembourg will be the first country in Europe which legalises the product, after countries such as Portugal, the Netherlands, or the Czech Republic either decriminalised it or just tolerate it.

Why the “Gilets jaunes” won’t make it in Luxembourg

The ‘gilets jaunes’ in France are celebrating their win over Macron’s plans for increased petrol taxes. After weeks of protests and riots, the French president has instructed prime ministerEdouard Philippe to delay the decision to increase the tax burden by six months.

On the LuxVentures podcast

I had the pleasure of appearing on the LuxVentures podcast in Luxembourg, hosted by Aljaž Pengov Bitenc. We talked elections in Luxembourg, talking politics with locals, and Luxembourg’s history. You can listen to the whole conversation by clicking here.

Quoted by HortiDaily

HortiDaily quoted me on the legalisation of cannabis in Luxembourg. Click down below to read the full article, or find it on their website.

You, the taxpayer, pays for your own nannies

At the beginning of the EU Health Policy Platform annual meeting, Vytenis Andriukaitis, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, held an energetic speech against the practice of smoking tobacco. He pointed out that he believes the idea that harm-reduction through e-cigarettes, as it is currently practiced in the UK for instance, is nonsense. He doesn’t […]

Is an EU army coming?

President Donald Trump has thrown down the gauntlet by demanding that Europe spend more on defense. And the Europeans have responded—but in the worst way possible.