CPAC organiser asked me to do my research on Marion Le Pen, so I did

The lineup for this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is out, and Marine Le Pen’s niece Marion Le Pen is speaking right after Vice President Mike Pence. Following backlash from conservatives online, American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp defended the invite on Twitter by saying that CPAC is all about hearing people out and Le Pen […]

Don’t ask about the law, but about its enforcement

In the fight for the ideas of individual liberty and limited government, we often, and rightfully, argue about legislation. But while we go back and forth on the initiation or the repeal of laws and the regulations that surround them, we tend to forget to think about their enforcement. You could, arguably, have the most […]

We are drunk on anti-alcohol policy

Policies intended to crack down on alcohol usage have aggressively multiplied over the past decade. Public-health lobbyists continuously tell us we are simply not doing enough to reduce drinking across the board. As a consequence, politicians have been doing exactly that: they tax and regulate our favourite drinks, with little interest for the unintended consequences.

Emmanuel Macron Legitimized the Violent Far-Left in France

Recently, Emmanuel Macron’s government decided to can an infrastructure project for the construction of an airport. In 2008, the government approved the construction of this airport, which was supposed to hold 9 million passengers by 2050, located close to the northwestern city of Nantes. For almost ten years, environmentalist radicals and violent far-left activists have squatted on […]

Michael Bloomberg wants to bring an even stronger Nanny State to the rest of the world

Former New York City mayor and known “public health advocate” Michael Bloomberg is composing a task force that will promote lifestyle regulations across the globe. Bloomberg Philanthropies announced that a task force of 14 will make precise proposals to regulate people’s personal behavior. This includes, amongst others, the Norwegian Minister of Health, the Scottish First […]

In the fight between the EU and Poland, both sides are wrong

 A rift in the European Union has formed over reforms taking place in Poland. As major powers such as France push the Union to impose sanctions on the Central European state for its breach of democratic principles, specifically the respect for an independent judiciary, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán already announced that his country would […]

In Central Europe, everyone wants to be Donald Trump

The recent decision by the United States to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has furthered political division in the European Union. In December, Czech President Miloš Zeman called the European Union “cowards” for its lack of desire to follow the lead of the United States. Germany and France, meanwhile, believe that Washington’s move endangers a […]