Europe Looks Backwards On Agriculture, Endangers A Trade Deal With The U.S.

The EU’s new “Farm to Fork” strategy pines for nature-friendly farming that’s completely disconnected from reality. Most people look at a gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, organic, non-GMO, palm oil-free candy being advertised in a store with bemusement. Yet in the United States, aisles in supermarkets, entire retail chains, are dedicated to these kinds of products, which […]

Social Media Platforms Should Not Be Sheriffs for Government Control

No matter of which political affiliation you are, you should be able to agree on this: there is a lot of awful content on social media. Cyber-bullying, blackmail, violations of personal privacy, antisemitism, or just sheer nonsensical abuse howled at the most innocent tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram pictures. For a long time, social media […]

[Policy Note] Illicit trade in Europe

Together with my colleague Luca Bertoletti at the Consumer Choice Center, I published the policy note “Illicit Trade is Dangerous for Consumers” just last month. I contributed content about the prevalence of illicit trade in the agriculture sector. You can find the entire paper HERE.

Even The Germans Are Coronavirus Protesters Now

According to the Berlin police, some 20,000 protesters took to the streets last weekend to oppose nationwide lockdown measures designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Germany has been praised internationally for its efficient management of the crisis, which is why most of Berlin’s political class was upset by the large gatherings.  The protests have […]

Europe Needs a “New UK”

French President Emmanuel Macron accused the “Frugals”, i.e. the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden (during the last European Council summit, Finland also joined this group) of “acting like Brexit Britain.” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte had demanded a smaller proportion of grants – handing out money without having to repay it – instead of loans awarded by […]