My name is Bill Wirtz and I’m a freelance journalist who writes about politics and the virtues of a free society. My bias: I’m pro-liberty.

At the moment, I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Speak Freely, the blog of European Students for Liberty. I am also a contributing editor for the Freedom Today Network and a regular contributor for the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). I am also currently working as a policy analyst for the Consumer Choice Center.

In my home country Luxembourg, I am a political correspondent on EU politics&policy for RTL Radio Luxembourg, I have a monthly radio column on Radio 100.7, and I write for a youth&culture page in the newspaper “Lëtzebuerger Journal”.

In the United States:

NewsweekWashington ExaminerThe Daily CallerThe National InterestThe American ConservativeReal ClearNewsmax, Rare, Townhall

In the United Kingdom:

CityAMSpikedReaction, CapX, The Conservative Online, Comment Central, Institute for Free Trade

EU-centred outlets:

EUObserver, Euractiv FranceBlogActiv, Vocal Europe, The European (DE), European Scientist

In France:

Le Monde, Le Figaro, Les Echos, Economie MatinContrepoints, La Chronique Agora

In Belgium:

L’Echo, La Libre, Le Soir

In Germany:

Die Welt, Novo, 5vier, St. Wendeler Land Nachrichten, RuhrbaronePeace Love Liberty MagazinPrometheus Institut


PanAm Post, Hibernia Forum


If you want to support my work, you can do so by making a donation via PayPal here:

If you want to contact me, you can do so via this form:







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