The French Soda-Refill Ban: the Bitter Taste of Regulation

This article is a contribution to an essay contest organised by Vilnius Students for Liberty. Information on how to participate (until April 17th) can be found here. In January 2017, the French Parliament passed a bill that effectively banned free soda-refills in restaurants, in an attempt to tackle obesity. Where will its efforts lead us to?

Ongesond Virschrëften

Dëse Beitrag ass de Script vu mengem Fräie Mikro, deen den 28. Mäerz um Radio 100,7 iwwerdroe gouf. Nolauschtere kann een den 100,7 Beitrag hei. Zimlech grujeleg sollen se sinn, d’Schock-Biller op den Zigarettepäck, déi deemnächst och zu Lëtzebuerg sollen obligatoresch mussen op d’Verpackung geprint ginn. Schwaarz Longen, eng Fra déi Blutt houscht, doudeg Leit. Mat dem […]

Getting Rid of Smoking Bans now is a Good Idea

For the past several decades, governments have been cracking down on tobacco consumption, including by banning smoking in many places such as bars or restaurants. But we’ve learned a lot about the effects of these kinds of policies over the last few years and now it’s time to reconsider them. Here’s why:

6 Non-“It’s Racism” Arguments to Reject Marine Le Pen

On the road to the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign is oddly similar to that of Donald Trump: confrontation with the media, nativism, and accusations of xenophobia. To avoid creating sympathy for the far-right candidate by throwing labels at her, let’s give substantive reasons to oppose her. Here are six reasons to […]