Parenting, not paternalism, defeats bad diets

The European Union regulates so-called “junk food” advertising, in order to protect children from exposure to harmful content. Its rules target food that are high in energy, saturated fats, trans-fatty acids, sugar and salt. This really translates as a massive distrust in parenting. It undoubtedly sounds terrible when we read the words “advertisements targeting children”. […]

É errado impor o luxemburguês aos alunos estrangeiros

O ministro da Educação, Claude Meisch, afirmou recentemente numa entrevista ao Luxembourg Times que iria exigir às escolas internacionais que ensinassem luxemburguês aos seus alunos. Isto faz parte de um plano de coligação para reformar o sistema de ensino internacional e criar uma educação internacional pública acessível, de forma a promover a “coexão social”.

[ZOOM] Konstruktives Mitreden

Der neue Präsident der ACEL, Pascal Thinnes, über seine Pläne und Kritikpunkte Pascal Thinnes, 25 Jahre alt, wurde am vergangenen 26. Dezember bei der Generalversammlung der Studierendenorganisation ACEL (Association des Cercles d’Étudiants Luxembourgeois) zum neuen Präsidenten ernannt. Die ACEL vertritt rund vierzig Studentenkreise quer durch Europa und sogar darüber hinaus, und über diesen Weg mehr […]

How useful is government spending on higher education?

One-hundred-and-seventeen million euros. That’s the amount of money Luxembourg’s taxpayers contribute to subsidise students who, under certain conditions, pursue a degree in higher education. This system of providing people with generous grants has been applied in the Grand Duchy for many years now, and is a consequence of a policy that began in France under […]