CPAC organiser asked me to do my research on Marion Le Pen, so I did

The lineup for this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is out, and Marine Le Pen’s niece Marion Le Pen is speaking right after Vice President Mike Pence. Following backlash from conservatives online, American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp defended the invite on Twitter by saying that CPAC is all about hearing people out and Le Pen […]

Is French Conservatism Dead?

In the recent French elections, Emmanuel Macron won both the presidency and a large parliamentary majority for his party. Few had expected a year ago that Macron, a former economic minister, could stun the nation and secure this incredible mandate. At the beginning of the campaign, it was actually François Fillon of the conservative Republican […]

Mi lesz a német alternatív jobboldallal?

This article has been translated into Hungarian by the Danube Institute. It can be read here. The original was an article of mine published in The American Conservative. Some parts of the article are indirectly addressing me because it has been rewritten. 2017 őszén a német választópolgárok a szavazóurnák elé fognak járulni, hogy egy új […]