[Video] Diskussioun iwwer Konservatismus

Dëse Video gouf am Mee 2021 opgeholl, am Kader vum Journal Video-Format “Elo mol éierlech”. De ganze Video ass disponibel fir Abonnente vum Lëtzebuerger Journal, ënnert dësem Link. Hei ass een Extrait: Dir kënt de Contenu vum Lëtzebuerger Journal kucken, lauschteren, a liesen, integral a fir just 168€ d’Joer. Abonnéiert iech elo op http://www.journal.lu Individuell Video’en kënnen och […]

France’s Presidential Election: Frustration Or Indifference

France recently held its regional elections—do not worry if you did not know, because apparently it was news to many French people as well. With a historic abstention rate of 66 percent, the French have never cared less for who is governing their region. In some regions, less than 12 percent of eligible voters took to the […]

[Video] Consumer Choice Center Coronavirus live stream

On Friday, the Consumer Choice Center hosted a live stream on Facebook with the entire staff team (which is all confined in one way or another due to the Coronavirus). We all gave our updates, and you can watch the entire stream down below. My bit is at 20:00.

The EU’s fear: a united conservative front

A bit more than a month before the European Parliament elections, EU supporters and federalists are confronting one of their worst fears: a united conservative front, one that could ruin their dreams of a more centralized union.

The European outrage over Grenell comments is hypocritical

European Union politicians are outraged over comments made by the U.S ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell. In an interview with Breitbart News, Grenell praised the rise of conservative parties in Europe and said he wants to “empower” leaders of the right. European politicians were quick to react, claiming that the ambassador was illegitimately meddling in local […]

How Marion Le Pen fooled CPAC

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, the niece of the French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, spoke at CPAC last week. The mere fact that she was invited displays a sharp ideological turn of American conservatism, but it also showed how little Americans really know about the European far-right.

Mentioned by Newsmax

I was mentioned in an article in Newsmax published on February 25, regarding my recent op-ed in The American Conservative about Marion Le Pen’s invite to CPAC.