The uphill battle to Berlaymont

European elections are set to take place at the end of May. One of the big questions is whether or not the UK is legally obliged to participate if it hasn’t official left the union by that time. Given the current situation, that might well be the case. But more important than the scuffle about […]

Stop using children for your big government political goals

France and Belgium are seeing thousands in the streets for both the Yellow Vest and environmentalist causes. The reality is that these two groups don’t go together, because while the Yellow Vests express the concerns of real-life working people, the climate protesters are fuelled by the questionable orchestration of youth activists.

The whole cabinet needs to stand behind Luxembourg’s veto on tax questions

Finance minister Pierre Gramegna has expressed the view that Luxembourg should not give up the principle of unanimity voting on tax issues in the European Council. This was in reaction to a suggestion by the European Commission to replace the procedure with qualified majority voting. Were this to happen, Luxembourg could see itself being outvoted […]

The business of spreading mistruths about GMOs

This essay was submitted to the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation as a contribution to the 11th International Vernon Smith Prize 2018. Summary:  Spreading mistruths about the scientific background of GMO foods is not only done from a purely ideological basis, but can also have an organisational or even financial advantages for those engaging […]