Luxembourg is right about tax ruling court cases

The European Commission is cracking down on tax advantages of individual member states. This will undermine the competitiveness of the entire continent. Margrethe Vestager will be confirmed in her place as Commissioner for Competition of the European Union. In the last five years, the Danish politician has put forward a legal theory, suggesting that tax […]

Tesla’s Fatal Strategy

On October 21, 2019, President Trump praised ongoing trade negotiations between the United States and China. Still, as negotiators work towards a deal that would alleviate tensions and reduce tariffs amongst the countries, the trade war persists. And that fact could spell disaster for Elon Musk’s Tesla — a company banking hard on generous financial assistance from […]

Les régimes fiscaux particuliers dans le 10e Homme

Chers lecteurs, Comme je vous avais annoncé au mois d’avril, je contribue une fois par mois à la newsletter “10ème Homme”, produit par Vauban Editions en Suisse. Au mois de septembre, ma lettre (et ma vidéo) vous parlaient du “lobbying pour la santé pas très crédible”, et en quoi des organisations non-gouvernementales profitent de la […]

5G-Lügen dürfen nicht Fuss fassen

Panikmache über angebliche Gefahren der 5G-Technologie kommt aus verschiedenen Ecken. Das sollte dem Fortschritt nicht im Wege stehen. Jede Technologie bringt ein gewisses Maß an Skepsis mit sich. Ob es nun um die Entdeckung der Elektrizität, die Erfindung des Zuges oder die Ankunft der Mikrowelle als Ergänzung unserer Küchenausstattung geht: Kritische Stimmen werfen wichtige Sicherheitsfragen […]

Trump Lays Foundation for Deregulation — Now He Should Cement It

How do you modernize the United States, make it open to innovation, free its entrepreneurs, and show that it is open for business? For decades, conservatives have made the case for deregulation as a way to relieve burdensome D.C. regulations. During his rallies, President Trump vaunts the advantages of cutting red tape, showing how regulation […]

The environment needs saving through innovation, not starvation

As the winter times come closer, people resume their arguments about the thermostat at home. While there is great convenience that comes with heating, it also comes at an environmental cost. Environmental protection and development is, undoubtedly, both a necessary and noble cause, and while we may sometimes disagree with the fearmongering or reactionism that […]

Europe has no moral high ground in the Syria-Turkey conversation

Erdogan was their best friend when the EU needed a place to park millions of unwanted refugees. In response to its offensive against the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a number of European nations have implemented arms embargoes on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Turkey. Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio has confirmed that Rome will cease arms […]