A selfie in Pripyat

I experienced some social media backlash after posting a selfie from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Beyond the usual problem of annoying comments, this experience raises questions about our current social media use.

The new “middle ages” for science is on

It’s usually an upper-middle-class elite, living in the metropolitan centre, that shops for organic and GMO-free food items from fancy stores. That’s fine, nobody really has an issue with people paying more for green carton packaging and food with no added health benefits. What is concerning, however, is that, increasingly, the same people want to […]

Les nouvelles du 10ème Homme

Chers lecteurs, Comme je vous avais annoncé au mois d’avril, je contribue une fois par mois pour la newsletter “10ème Homme”, produit par Vauban Editions en Suisse. Dans la première lettre, j’ai parlé du combat de l’Union européenne contre les fake news. Au mois de mai, ma lettre (et ma vidéo) vous parlaient de la […]

Nationalism destroyed Europe in the early 20th century

The far-right in Europe is making gains both at the national and EU level. Donald Trump has made noise about reuniting with self-identified economic nationalist Steve Bannon. It’s a trend that’s not going away, even as we debate the true meaning of nationalism and its political implications. So it’s worth remembering what it did to Europe in the 20th […]

Macron uses climate change to block free trade

The European Union is in the midst of concluding a free trade deal with Mercosur, the trade bloc also known as the South American Common Market. Its members are Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela (which has been suspended since December 2016). Current associate countries are Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Suriname. Mercosur […]

One conference to keep Africa hungry

This month the World Food Preservation Center in partnership with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, will hold the first “International Conference on Agroecology Transforming Agriculture & Food Systems in Africa”, in Nairobi, Kenya. The goal of this conference is to promote organic and non-GMO farming as part of a complete “socio-economic transformation” of Africa. A […]

Le SMIC “protecteur” ne protège personne

Les lois sur le salaire minimum visent à aider ceux qui gagnent très peu d’argent, mais elles font tout le contraire. Pouvez-vous vraiment dire que vous défendez les personnes défavorisées si vous soutenez les lois sur le salaire minimum ?