[REPORTAGE] Reaktiounen am Ausland op Lëtzebuerger Walen

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert, an ass de 16. Oktober ausgestraalt ginn. No de Chamberswahlen e Sonnden gouf och am Ausland reagéiert. E bësse schnell huet EUObserver zu Bréissel schon um Méinden de Moie geschriwwen dass de Premierminister Xavier Bettel géing um Pouvoir bleiwen. De fréiere belsche Premier a Chef vun der […]

Luxembourg’s government caves on the digital tax

So, Macron won. That should be the essential takeaway from the Luxembourgish government’s U-turn on digital taxation. Last month, finance minister Pierre Gramegna announced that the government would not hold back the introduction of a French-proposed tax on “digital presence”, provided it contains a sunset clause making it temporary – until a solution can be […]

EU-movie quotas are cultural protectionism

The European Parliament calls for a 30 per cent mandatory quota of European productions for audiovisual content providers, surpassing the Commission’s suggested 20 per cent. We have to call this proposal what it is: cultural protectionism.

Flights are cheap, and that’s a good thing

In a recent editorial for the Luxembourgish newspaper Tageblatt, Francis Wagner writes that air travel is too cheap, or, as he put it, “dirt cheap”. While Wagner does recognise that lower fares have democratised travel, he also believes that current rates are damaging consumers.

Quoted by CNS News

I was quoted by the American news outlet CNS News on the topic of U.S-Germany trade rleations. You can read the full article here.

No, driverless vehicles won’t “cost jobs”

The FNCTTFEL – the union for railway and other public transport service workers in Luxembourg – said in a public statement last week that it was worried about the introduction of driverless vehicles on the towns of Contern and Pfaffenthal. The union warned that hundreds, even thousands of jobs could be at stake, particularly if […]