Thank you for 2022!

I would like to thank all the readers who continue to follow this website either via email or through the WordPress Reader. I have stopped to promote this page for blogging purposes, but it continues, together with my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, to be the best way to connect with the topics I’m working on. […]

Le plafonnement du prix du pétrole ne fonctionne pas

Loyers, gel hydro, pétrole – le plafonnement des prix n’est pas économiquement viable. Cependant, les politiques retombent toujours dans le même piège.  Tous les quelques mois, les gouvernements remettent au goût du jour un vieux sophisme économique qui a fait ses preuves depuis longtemps et le transforment en politique publique. L’inflation que nous connaissons actuellement […]

Feeding 8 Billion People Has Never Been Easier

The United Nations recently confirmed that the world population has officially reached 8 billion. However, what should be a celebration of humanity’s ability to innovate and populate has many analysts worried about the future: How is the planet supposed to lodge, power and feed this large number of people? According to a recent Politico headline, for one, climate […]

Not Just Guns: Ukrainians Need Mental Health Support

The war in Ukraine tests the limits of those who are victimized by Russian attacks, whether they are military personnel or civilians experiencing shelling in heavily populated cities and rural areas. While Western allies justifiably support Ukraine’s military efforts, it remains equally important to supply mental health support to those in need. In fact, if we expect Ukraine to […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP95: Quick liquid gas & Getting the ball rolling (co-hosted w/ David Clement)

This week’s episode of ConsEUmer is co-hosted with David Clement. These are our topics: ⚽ Controversies surrounding the World Cup in Qatar 🚢 Germany quickly built an LNG terminal Canadian MP Michael Chong in Parliament: Follow David Clement on Twitter @ClementLiberty. Support the war effort in Ukraine: December 1, 2022 Follow ConsEUmer wherever you […]

Biden’s Doublespeak Doesn’t Aid Farmers

According to the Biden administration, American agriculture faces unique national security threats, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, increased ransomware attacks, climate change, and the Avian influenza outbreak. This comes at a time when the White House is adamant about its plans for “climate-smart commodities and rural projects,” through which it is investing $2.8 billion in 70 […]