[Video] Interview with Jean-Claude Juncker

This video was recorded by Lëtzebuerger Journal in December 2020, for the show “Elo mol éierlech” (Let’s be honest) that I am hosting on their digital platform. The video is available for free on the website of Journal. (original language: Luxembourgish // subtitles available in English) Here is a short clip: If you want to […]

I am now working with Lëtzebuerger Journal !

Dear readers, Happy new year 2021 ! As promised, new projects are coming in 2021, and with that the announcement that I have started as a freelance journalist with Lëtzebuerger Journal. Journal is a Luxembourg-based newspaper that goes completely digital this year, after 70 years of publishing a print newspaper. Journalism is changing, and so […]

Dear Readers, thank you for supporting me! (in 2020 and beyond)

If you’re seeing this pop up in your email or in your WordPress Reader: this is a thank you message to my subscribers, for your kind support throughout this and previous years. What I do for a living started with this website — the regular effort of updating this blog with new content, trying out […]

Police Violence—and an Unpopular New Bill—Spark French Protests

Thousands of people in the streets protesting police violence, opposing an administration that cracks down on civil liberties, and outrage sparked by a brutal assault on an innocent black man: What sounds like America’s summer describes the streets of Paris last weekend. More than 5,000 people in Paris and about 50,000 all over the country […]

The dangers of mould

Mycotoxin contamination is set to become a bigger problem as climate change evolves. In order to prevent food safety and food security, European farmers need adequate crop protection tools…. What do you do when you see a set of mould on the marmalade in your fridge? The unfortunate conventional household wisdom is to remove it, […]

Organic food in Europe deserves a critical eye

The European Commission’s new Farm To Fork strategy aims at a significant increase in organic farming in Europe. The implication that organic is better seems to have become the predominant belief in agricultural politics. However, it doesn’t hold up to the… Organic farming benefits from special derogations in public discourse — it in fact does […]