Quoted by Inside Sources

I was quoted by Inside Sources on the topic of tobacco harm reduction in the European Union. You can read the quote below, or find the full article here.

Allow Europe to go supersonic

When France built its high-speed rail network, it revolutionised the way we looked at train travel. What takes 4-5 hours by long-distance bus from Brussels to Paris can now be completed in just over an hour with a Thalys train. Dumping slow regional trains for fast and futuristic new models has brought more comfort and […]

Democratising travel

This blog post was published on the website of the Consumer Choice Center, and is part of the CCC’s #HandsOffMyCheapFlights crowd-funding campaign. The CCC asks individuals to donate €7 to the campaign, to fight the air travel departure tax, currently suggested by the Netherlands in the European Council. Recent news: the European Commissioned has been […]

Liberalism: What’s in a name?

The European Parliament political group ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe) have announced the intention to drop the word ‘liberal’ if an alliance with French President Emmanuel Macron’s European “Renaissance” movement is made. That’s a good thing for the authenticity of liberalism in Europe.. The alliance The announcement was made recently: ALDE and […]

Swiss voters agree to stricter gun laws

In a referendum held on Sunday, Swiss voters agreed to new gun regulations. Gun rights activists lobbied against tighter rules and pushed the vote in an attempt to oppose new agreements between Switzerland and the European Union. The reform of the European Union’s firearms directive would place more restrictions on gun owners and centralize surveillance.

Macron’s election strategy: to win you must do everything

It’s rare that the likes of Emmanuel Macron is compared to Roger Stone. But Stone’s cardinal rule, “In order to win, you must do everything,” very much applies to the French president. And the latest political alliance he’s struck ahead of the upcoming European elections only reinforces that.