The camera conversation (retro 12/12)

The Journal-team looks back at 2021 – Bill Wirtz is the last in line. The past twelve months have been exciting, challenging and enriching, and they also mark our first digital birthday. To celebrate the occasion, each team member has chosen the piece whose research or production had the biggest impact on them in 2021. […]

Coronavirus has strengthened the surveillance state

Mass surveillance is only ever in the news for two reasons—either because a whistleblower has exposed structural government overreach (as happened with Edward Snowden) or because nations are readying to fight a common threat. Over the past two decades, those threats have usually come either from migration or terrorism.

A European “no-fly list” violates civil rights

Imitating the United States’ surveillance state methods will not make Europeans safer. The European Union is going through the process of creating a counter-terorrism database that will compile information from EU countries regarding ongoing investigations, prosecutions and convictions of militants, including returning foreign fighters who joined terrorist groups abroad. The measure, called EUROJUST, was supported […]

Our own fear is worse than terrorism

For two years now Europe has been hit by multiple terror attacks, most of which occurred in France, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The responses, both political and individual decisions, are likely to be far more damaging than the attacks themselves.

The State of Emergency: A Monster of Our own Creation

When former French president François Hollande declared a state of emergency in November 2015, after the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, the government was clear on its intentions. Former prime minister Manuel Valls recommended the country remain in the state of emergency until ISIS was defeated. By that standard, it’s going to be a long time before civil […]

Really, another country that wants to ‘regulate the internet’?

  On Saturday, the United Kingdom suffered its second terrorist attack in only a few weeks. Three assailants rammed a van into pedestrians on the very central London Bridge in London, killing seven and wounding 48 (21 are fighting for their lives in the hospital at this time). According to The Telegraph, the police fired […]

Kleines Land, große Angst

Seit den Anschlägen des 13. November in Paris rüstet auch Luxemburg das sicherheitstechnische Material auf. In einem hastig entworfenen und entschiedenen Anti-Terror Gesetz ändert das Parlament Bestimmungen zu Polizeigewahrsam, Verkauf anonymer Prepaid Telefonkarten oder nächtliche Hausdurchsuchungen.

Wie Frankreich zum Polizeistaat mutiert

Seit den Anschlägen auf das Satiremagazin Charlie Hebdo im Januar hat Frankreich in Sicherheitsfragen weitreichende neue Wege eingeschlagen, die beunruhigende Folgen auf gesellschaftliche Freiheiten haben. Der Europarat warnt nicht umsonst vor der vorgeschlagenen Gesetzgebung.