L’Allemagne s’ouvre au génie génétique. Et la France ?

La ministre fédérale allemande de l’Agriculture a du flair et est du côté de la science lorsqu’il s’agit de la question des ciseaux génétiques. Et à juste titre. En 2012, le professeur Thorsten Stafforst et son équipe de l’université de Tübingen en Allemagne ont découvert qu’il était possible de modifier les gènes, en combinant des […]

No crisis unused: Eurocare argues for ban on alcohol sponsorship in sports

While the world is battling the Coronavirus crisis, the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (EUROCARE) is facing a different goliath: alcohol sponsorship… in sports? A head-scratcher of sorts, especially given that the sports industry will fall on hard times this year if COVID-19 drags on. With cancelled events and games, cutting the sports industry off from […]

[Video] Consumer Choice Center Coronavirus live stream

On Friday, the Consumer Choice Center hosted a live stream on Facebook with the entire staff team (which is all confined in one way or another due to the Coronavirus). We all gave our updates, and you can watch the entire stream down below. My bit is at 20:00.

In times of Coronavirus: policy-makers won’t stop legislating your consumer choice away

Disclaimer: Independently of my arguments in this blog post, it remains very important that sanitise your hands regularly, avoid physical contact with other people, and reduce your social interactions to the necessary levels. Particularly avoid contact with elderly people, and those with underlying health conditions. Consult your local government health websites for more information, particularly […]

“Think of the children!” – How Lancet researchers parodise themselves

The Lancet’s new “A Future for the World’s Children?” report is once again some heavy nanny-stating. But this time, it goes right into real-life parody. The once well respected, but increasingly loony Lancet has in recent years endorse some of the harshest Nanny State policies around. From advertising restrictions to taxation of sugary drinks, the […]

Greenpeace’s new pesticides report is misleading consumers

A new report by Unearthed — Greenpeace’s “investigative journalism” platform — claims that a large chunk of pesticides sold to farmers are “highly hazardous”. Their claims are highly misleading and outright wrong, and can have potentially life-threatening consequences. Together with the NGO Public Eye, Unearthed collected “a huge dataset of $23.3bn agrochemical sales for sales (sic) […]

Friendly fire: Europe’s trade unions are against an EU-minimum wage

The incoming European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs has only about one thing in common with yours truly: he’s Luxembourgish. Nicolas Schmit is a lifelong socialist and has been Minister of Labor in Luxembourg for as far as I can remember. Bureaucrat-made-politician, Schmit is a sworn enemy of the free market and no great […]

Autorisation de médicaments : les consommateurs ont droit à la transparence

Pour les consommateurs, une transparence de plus grande valeur serait d’illuminer le processus d’autorisation de mise sur le marché (AMM), géré par L’Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé (ANSM). Chaque année, l’ANSM à peu près mille médicaments pour utilisation en France, dont ceux à travers la reconnaissance mutuelle de l’Union […]

La vape a réussi d’accomplir ce que l’Etat ne peut pas

Une bonne information et une réglementation équilibrée sont plus efficaces que l’interdiction pure et simple : du bon sens, et pourtant… Les collégiens, les lycéens et les étudiants ont augmenté leur consommation de cigarettes électroniques, malgré les préoccupations croissantes.

The European Green Deal is every bit as bad as expected

The European Green Deal is set to become a nightmare for industry and consumers. The European Commission has unveiled its “European Green Deal,” after taking hints on denomination from its American counterpart, the “Green New Deal.” While the legislation introduced in the U.S. Congress remains fiction under a Republican executive and Senate, the Brussels initiative […]