Friendly fire: Europe’s trade unions are against an EU-minimum wage

The incoming European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs has only about one thing in common with yours truly: he’s Luxembourgish. Nicolas Schmit is a lifelong socialist and has been Minister of Labor in Luxembourg for as far as I can remember. Bureaucrat-made-politician, Schmit is a sworn enemy of the free market and no great […]

Autorisation de médicaments : les consommateurs ont droit à la transparence

Pour les consommateurs, une transparence de plus grande valeur serait d’illuminer le processus d’autorisation de mise sur le marché (AMM), géré par L’Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé (ANSM). Chaque année, l’ANSM à peu près mille médicaments pour utilisation en France, dont ceux à travers la reconnaissance mutuelle de l’Union […]

La vape a réussi d’accomplir ce que l’Etat ne peut pas

Une bonne information et une réglementation équilibrée sont plus efficaces que l’interdiction pure et simple : du bon sens, et pourtant… Les collégiens, les lycéens et les étudiants ont augmenté leur consommation de cigarettes électroniques, malgré les préoccupations croissantes.

The European Green Deal is every bit as bad as expected

The European Green Deal is set to become a nightmare for industry and consumers. The European Commission has unveiled its “European Green Deal,” after taking hints on denomination from its American counterpart, the “Green New Deal.” While the legislation introduced in the U.S. Congress remains fiction under a Republican executive and Senate, the Brussels initiative […]

Vaping achieves what years of government policies couldn’t

Middle schoolers, high schoolers, and university students have increased their use of e-cigarettes, despite rising public concern. While underage nicotine consumption and smoking-related lung disease deaths are a real problem, legal vaping products, and accurate consumer information can combat instead of worsen these effects. We should welcome the presence of alternatives to tobacco, and endorse safe, and […]

[Reportage] Den Export soll fir kleng Entreprisë méi einfach ginn

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert ginn, an ass de 24. November iwwerdroe ginn. De ganze Beitrag kann een hei fannen. Den CSV-Europadeputéierte Christophe Hansen huet sech zu Bréissel fir eng administrativ Vereinfachung beim internationalen Handel agesat. Déi sougenannte “Rules of Origin” haten et klengen a mëttelstännege Betriber ze schwéier gemaach, fir ze […]

Trump Lays Foundation for Deregulation — Now He Should Cement It

How do you modernize the United States, make it open to innovation, free its entrepreneurs, and show that it is open for business? For decades, conservatives have made the case for deregulation as a way to relieve burdensome D.C. regulations. During his rallies, President Trump vaunts the advantages of cutting red tape, showing how regulation […]

The environment needs saving through innovation, not starvation

As the winter times come closer, people resume their arguments about the thermostat at home. While there is great convenience that comes with heating, it also comes at an environmental cost. Environmental protection and development is, undoubtedly, both a necessary and noble cause, and while we may sometimes disagree with the fearmongering or reactionism that […]