The EU Is Missing a Chance to Address Its Problems With Turkey

Last October, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan suggested that French President Emmanuel Macron ought to seek “some sort of mental treatment,” after the latter had announced a tougher stance on radical Islam. Tensions between Turkey and France have been rampant since the beheading of French civics teacher Samuel Paty, who was targeted for showing caricatures […]

The EU’s new migration pact is already doomed to fail

With the presentation of the “New Pact on Migration and Asylum,” the European Commission is trying to answer one question: what happens if Europe experiences another refugee crisis like the one in 2015 (which is ongoing)? Let’s first provide a brief recap of what readers need to know about the status and situation of refugees […]

[10ème Homme] Nouvelle lettre sur le pacte migration

Chers lecteurs, Comme je vous avais annoncé au mois d’avril 2019, je contribue une fois par mois à la newsletter “10ème Homme”, produit par Vauban Editions en Suisse. Au mois d’août et de septembre ma lettre (et ma vidéo) expliquaient le nouveau budget colossal de l’Union européenne et la dispute maritime entre la Turquie et […]

Europe loses unity over Coronavirus

“Papiere bitte!” (Papers please!) is an order that hasn’t been uttered in a long time at the border with Germany, but as a citizen of Luxembourg (a small monarchy between Germany, France, and Belgium) I would now hear it if I were trying to enter. Berlin has ordered the closure of the borders to Luxembourg, […]

[Reportage] Situatioun un der amerikanesch-mexikanescher Grenz

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert, an ass de 6. Mäerz iwwerdroe ginn. De ganze Beitrag fënnt een och hei. Déi Lëtzebuerger Europadeputéiert Isabel Wiseler war op Auslandsmissioun an Amerika, fir sech d’Situatioun op der Grenz mat Mexiko unzekucken. Eng Woch hunn d’Europaparlamentarier vum Mënscherechtscomité an Amerika verbruecht, fir ze verstoen, wéi mat […]

The new refugee crisis will be Europe’s stress test

Turkey and Syria are headed towards war, after 30 Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack by the Syrian government in a zone previously negotiated to be safe for them. At the same time, Turkey and Russia are also in a de facto war, with Ankara going beyond what are normally considered retaliatory strikes. The […]

[Reportage] Isabel Wiseler: EU-Memberstaate misste gezwonge ginn, mannerjäreg Flüchtlingen opzehuelen

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert, an ass de 19. Februar iwwerdroe ginn. De ganze Beitrag fënnt een och hei. Zënter e puer Méint beschwéiert sech Griicheland bei aneren EU-Memberstaaten, dass hinne bei mannerjärege Flüchtlingen net gehollef géing ginn. D’Europäesch Kommissioun zu Bréissel deet sech schwéier, fir een eenheetlechen EU-System fir d’Flüchtlingsfro ze […]

Europe has constructed 1,000 km of border walls and fences

If you voted for Donald Trump on the basis of a three-word, three-syllable chant, it was probably “we will win,” “lock her up,” or “build the wall.” Regarding the latter, proponents of less immigration have reason to be frustrated. Prior to the midterm elections, the Republican-held presidency, Senate, and House barely moved an inch on […]