The tides are turning on free movement in Europe

When a country joins the European Union, it has to accept the “four freedoms,” namely the free movement of capital, goods, services, and people. This is different from a European treaty that exists independently of the EU: the Schengen agreement.

Kosovans deserve visa-free travel

A generation of young Kosovans has been taught that freedom of movement is conditional on productivity, and that their productivity is conditional on their freedom of movement. Let’s avoid a generation of “trapped” youth.

[REPORTAGE] Christophe Hansen wëll EU-Adhésiounsfongen un Tierkei kappen

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert, an ass den 8. Oktober ausgestraalt ginn. D’Europäesch Unioun wëll d’EU-Adhésiounsfongen fir d’Tierkei kierzen, nodeems d’Land a Saachen Biergerrechter ee Schrëtt zréck gemaach huet. D’Fuederung zitt sech säit iwwert engem Joer duerch Parlament a Conseil, an ass grondsätzlech keng Iwwerraschung. D’Tierkei huet sech duerch d’Aspären vu Journalisten […]

Germany’s Nazis surf on empty dialogue

The German city of Chemnitz, in the state of Saxony, is seeing large protests by neo-Nazis, following a fatal stabbing of a German citizen by refugees. The men arrested in the case are a 22-year old Iraqi and a 23-year-old Syrian, who are now being charged with voluntary manslaughter.

5 things you need to know about Europe’s migration row

The European Union finds itself in a massive debate over migration. Ever since waves of migrants began arriving on the shores of Europe, states have given very different responses, ranging from a complete refusal to accept them, to criticism of countries that “don’t do their part.” In an effort to sort out the mess, the […]

There aren’t lazy refugees, just discouraging governments

The nationalist right is filling up the internet with articles on how “mass immigration is destroying Germany,” as it is known to be the most permissive European country when it comes to accepting migrants. In fact, a third of all first-time asylum applications are filed in Germany, making it the most popular country for displaced […]

If you oppose migration from Africa, empower liberty in Africa

Ever since the Arab Spring, migration from Africa to Europe has increased and so has skepticism towards Africans, in particular. This has empowered anti-immigration activists in both Europe and the United States who argue for closing down borders. There are, however, solutions that both sides of this argument could actually get behind.