The government’s ambiguity on the sharing economy is a problem

Luxembourg’s Ministry of the Economy supports sharing services such as Airbnb, yet the minister of transport has banned the ride-sharer Uber. This contradiction won’t have escaped those who follow government policy closely – and who can only be surprised by the gulf between deputy prime minister Etienne Schneider (LSAP) and transport minister François Bausch (déi […]

We should actually worship Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently appeared in a hearing in the European Parliament. EU legislators wanted to re-create a similar situation than the hearing conducted in the U.S Congress. Once again, Zuckerberg found himself at a public trial, being used for the self-aggrandisement of politicians. Why does nobody appreciate the value created by Silicon Valley […]

A thank you letter to Uber

When we think about people in the public eye we should thank, we think of figures such as Mother Teresa (we’ll let Christopher Hitchens spin in his grave at this mention) or Princess Diana, who virtuously stood out because of their charity work. However, it is demonstrably true that the people who create the technology […]

The European Union now goes after beer

The European Union is cracking down on alcohol consumption. The newest idea: changing tax policy to incentivize the brewing of beers that are lower in alcohol percentage. This change will hurt craft breweries.

Automation isn’t a threat to our economy

Will robots take my job?’ is a frequently asked question today. So frequent, in fact, that there is even a website – – attempting to answer precisely that question with a statistically accurate calculation. It suggests that a credit analyst, for example, is running a 98 per cent chance of being computerised, while an editor at […]