[Reportage] Christophe Hansen huet Bedenke bei neier Klima-Mesure, bedauert Tilly Metz Vote

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert an ass den 10. Januar iwwerdroe ginn. D’Weltklimakonferenz COP25 zu Madrid hat wéineg opweises wat nei Mesuren ugeet, an och innerhalb vun der Europäescher Unioun, a souguer bei de Lëtzebuerger Europadeputéierten ginn et Differenzen.   De Lëtzebuerger Europadeputéierten Christophe Hansen huet mat enger Delegatioun un der COP25 […]

The European Green Deal is every bit as bad as expected

The European Green Deal is set to become a nightmare for industry and consumers. The European Commission has unveiled its “European Green Deal,” after taking hints on denomination from its American counterpart, the “Green New Deal.” While the legislation introduced in the U.S. Congress remains fiction under a Republican executive and Senate, the Brussels initiative […]

[Reportage] Goerens iwwer COP25

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert ginn, an ass de 4. Dezember iwwerdroe ginn. De Beitrag kann een och hei fannen. Interview mam Charles Goerens Zënter e Méinden a bis nächste Freiden ass zu Madrid d’Weltklimakonferenz COP25. Hei sollen nei Iddie fir de Kampf géint de Klimawandel fonnt ginn.

Scientific cherry-picking

“We Greens in the Bundestag stand for a rural-ecological agriculture”, it says on the website of the Green parliamentary group. They advocate GM-free food, low-pesticide agriculture, more organic farming and regional marketing. The Greens take “stand for” seriously, as the party now demands nothing less than a complete ban on industrial agriculture. After years in […]

We cannot ignore solar panel waste

A closer look at solar panels opens a wide array of questions that need answers. A Popular Choice Solar panels have been heralded as the alternative to fossil fuels for decades. Most readers have likely seen exciting headlines claiming we could power the world’s energy demands multiple times were we simply to cover the Sahara […]

The environment needs saving through innovation, not starvation

As the winter times come closer, people resume their arguments about the thermostat at home. While there is great convenience that comes with heating, it also comes at an environmental cost. Environmental protection and development is, undoubtedly, both a necessary and noble cause, and while we may sometimes disagree with the fearmongering or reactionism that […]

Allergenfreie Nüsse und glutenfreier Weizen

Am 25. Juli registrierte die Europäische Kommission die Bürgerinitiative “Grow Scientific Progress: Crops Matter!” Zwei Studentinnen wurden als Vertreter genannt: Martina Helmlinger und Lavinia Scudiero. Helmlinger steht kurz vor dem Abschluss ihres Masters in Lebensmittelsicherheit am Institut für Lebensmittelwissenschaften und -technologie der Universität für Bodenkultur in Wien und verfügt über einen Bachelor-Abschluss in Biotechnologie. Scudiero […]

EU elites use more private jets as they tax flying for others

“Climate action” politicians are collapsing under the weight of their own hypocrisy. The European moraliser Think Paris Climate Accord, renewable energy, hybrid cars, Greta Thunberg. All either a product of or very popular in Europe. Environmentalists in the United States are looking up to the courage of European politicians to solve climate change, be it […]

Why electric cars really aren’t that great and petrol cars really aren’t that bad

What rings true intuitively isn’t always backed up by the numbers. Joe Biden, the current front-runner of the Democratic 2020 field, promises the return of electric vehicle (EV) tax credits. The presidential candidate says that “a key barrier to further deployment of these greenhouse-gas reducing vehicles is the lack of charging stations and coordination across all levels […]