Ne répétons pas les erreurs de la “Beepocalypse”

En 2006, un nombre considérable d’apiculteurs américains ont remarqué que des populations entières d’abeilles abandonnaient leurs colonies, laissant la reine avec un nombre insuffisant d’abeilles derrière elles pour recréer une ruche saine. Ce phénomène a été baptisé “Syndrome d’effondrement des colonies d’abeilles”,dont la cause été attribuée à des organismes génétiquement modifiés (OGM). Cette suspicion n’ayant […]

Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the “Beepocalypse”

In 2006, a considerable amount of US-based beekeepers noticed that large numbers of bees were abandoning their colonies, leaving the queen bees and an inadequate number of bees behind. This phenomenon was named Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), and was initially blamed on genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). When this suspicion wasn’t substantiated scientifically, the blame was shifted […]

Interviewed by Dat Goda Samhället

Some of the readers of this blog will be aware at this point that I lost a contract with a newspaper, merely for making fun of climate activist Greta Thunberg. The Swedish blog Dat Goda Samhället interviewed me about the situation. You can find the whole interview HERE. For those interested: it is in Swedish, […]

Europe is not an example for the Green New Deal in practice

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” suggests replacing air travel with high-speed rail connections. But the comparisons drawn with Europe ignore that despite massive investments on the Old Continent, prices remain non-competitive with air travel and that state-run rail crumbles under its own inefficiency.

Böser Pelz? Schluss mit den Mythen!

Radikale Tierschschützer wie die der Organisation Peta verdammen Leder und Pelze. Doch Alternativen aus Kunstfasern haben gravierende Nachteile: Sie sind biologisch nicht abbaubar. Wie entscheidet sich der Verbraucher?

[Video] Rewatch the latest CCC live chat

I moderated a Consumer Choice Center live chat titled “For Mother Nature: Should We Stop Flying?”, hosting Gary Leff, who created the frequent flyer blog “View from the Wing”, as well as CCC’s very own Managing Director Fred Roeder. Click down below to rewatch the entire exchange.