[Policy Note] Illicit trade in Europe

Together with my colleague Luca Bertoletti at the Consumer Choice Center, I published the policy note “Illicit Trade is Dangerous for Consumers” just last month. I contributed content about the prevalence of illicit trade in the agriculture sector. You can find the entire paper HERE.

Brüssel will Raucher und Dampfer wieder zur Kasse bitten

Die EU-weite Tabakmindeststeuer soll erhöht werden, auch das ‚Dampfen‘ betreffend. Geht gegen Einkaufstourismus, der durch noch höhere Steuern aber höchstens auf den Schwarzmarkt abgedrängt würde. Im Juni billigte der Europäische Rat einen neuen Konsens über Verbrauchssteuern auf Tabakwaren. Die Mitgliedstaaten schlagen Änderungen vor, die den Tabakpreis erhöhen und auch Nicht-Tabakprodukte wie E-Zigaretten betreffen würden. Seit 2011 gibt […]

Blatant Tobacco Sales Bans are Terrible for Public Health

Al Capone is one of the most infamous criminals in history. Countless books and movies have elevated his name to a level that even during his lifetime, few imagined possible. His crime-syndicate, the “Chicago Outfit” fought bloody gang wars over the production and supply of illegal alcohol. The United States was in the midst of […]

Quoted by AgriLand.ie

I was quoted by AgriLand.ie on the issue of a derogation for a COVID-19 GMO vaccine development procedure. You can read the full quote below, or you can visit the original source here.

New EU rule changes would mean bad news for Smokers and Vapers alike

In its conclusions in June, the European Council approved a new consensus on excise duties on tobacco. The member states suggest rule changes that would increase the price of tobacco, and equally affect non-tobacco products such as e-cigarettes. Since 2011, the European Union has had a common minimum excise duty on tobacco products, which notably increased the […]

The great airline refund scam

At first 12, now 16 EU member states are looking to overturn rules requiring airlines to refund passengers with cash payments if their flight had been cancelled as a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions. The companies have been lobbying the European Council to disable Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the […]

La agricultura moderna está activamente amenazada, necesitamos salvarla

This article was translated into Spanish and published by ESdelatino. You can find the entire article here. Las micotoxinas representan una amenaza activa y palpable para la salud de los consumidores, con millones de afectados especialmente en los países en desarrollo. La hostilidad abierta hacia ciertas medidas de protección de cultivos ha enfatizado este problema, […]

Cité par Le Carrefour de Québec

J’ai été cité par Le Carrefour de Québec, au sujet de ma participation dans le programme “Free Market Series” de Scully sur PBS. La sixième saison de la série Free Markets maintenant disponible en ligne MONTRÉAL, le 6 mai 2020 /CNW Telbec/ – Après avoir été diffusée sur le réseau PBS au Canada et aux États-Unis, la […]