The dangers of mould

Mycotoxin contamination is set to become a bigger problem as climate change evolves. In order to prevent food safety and food security, European farmers need adequate crop protection tools…. What do you do when you see a set of mould on the marmalade in your fridge? The unfortunate conventional household wisdom is to remove it, […]

Organic food in Europe deserves a critical eye

The European Commission’s new Farm To Fork strategy aims at a significant increase in organic farming in Europe. The implication that organic is better seems to have become the predominant belief in agricultural politics. However, it doesn’t hold up to the… Organic farming benefits from special derogations in public discourse — it in fact does […]

Let European scientists participate in the gene-revolution

A French scientist has won a Nobel Prize for a technology that has been made illegal for use in agriculture by the European Union… One wonders how exactly the news was received in the European Commission when two female scientists, one of which French, received the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for the development of […]

Our “sustainable” food policy leaves us with unsustainable trade

The ambitious targets of the F2F strategy will cause headaches for the EU’s trade policy… The European Commission has laid out an ambitious plan with the Farm to Fork strategy, which is set to flip agriculture in Europe upside down. For the EU, agriculture is to blame for much of the lack of sustainability in […]

Il faut repenser, non réformer, la PAC

Les institutions de l’Union européenne renégocient la structure et les ambitions de la politique agricole commune (PAC). Les différents groupes politiques jonglent avec des propositions écologiques, plus ambitieuses les unes que les autres, sans le moindre esprit critique envers le système des paiements en lui-même. Dans quel autre industrie du monde serions-nous prêts à subventionner […]

Gene-editing innovations can save us (if we let them)

2020 marked a first in the history of the Nobel Prize. For the first since its creation, a science Nobel Prize has been awarded to two women. Jenifer Doudna from the University of California, and Emmanuelle Charpentier from the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin were awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, […]

The Farm to Fork is too much of a political utopia

The EU’s new blueprint for sustainable food systems risks hurting both consumers and farmers. By 2030, the European Union is aiming to achieve a wide range of goals, according to the European Commission’s “Farm to Fork” strategy. From a political point of view, the document is the confirmation of a trend: green ideas are gaining […]

[Reportage] Reform vun Landwirtschaftssubsiden: Tilly Metz (Gréng) kritiséiert Procédure, Christophe Hansen (CSV) verteidegt Kompromëss

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert, a gouf den 20. Oktober iwwerdroen. De ganze Beitrag kann een och hei lauschteren. An der Plenière vum Europaparlament dës Woch geet et haaptsächlech ëm d’Landwirtschaftspolitik. Virun allem ëm eng Reform vun de Subside fir d’Bauere steet am Mëttelpunkt, déi dofir suerge sollen dass d’Agrikultur méi ëmweltfrëndlech gëtt. Déi Allgemeng Agrarpolitik […]

Europe Looks Backwards On Agriculture, Endangers A Trade Deal With The U.S.

The EU’s new “Farm to Fork” strategy pines for nature-friendly farming that’s completely disconnected from reality. Most people look at a gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, organic, non-GMO, palm oil-free candy being advertised in a store with bemusement. Yet in the United States, aisles in supermarkets, entire retail chains, are dedicated to these kinds of products, which […]