Quoted on junk food advertisement restrictions

I was quoted by Ambulance Today, following a recent Consumer Choice Center press release on European Council recommendations on junk food advertising restrictions.

“The European Council has adopted draft conclusions regarding the marketing of so-called “junk food” products, in which it calls for restrictions on advertisements in an effort to protect children.

Bill Wirtz, Policy Analyst for the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) says it’s regrettable that the Council chooses a paternalistic approach over education:

“If the choice is between educating children about the consequences of their behaviour and a blatant ban on the advertisement for products, I believe most people would prefer to educate children. Children can only learn to become responsible consumers later if they are educated, instead of being told off,” said Wirtz.

“Marketing restrictions aren’t only a blow to consumer information from a perspective of availability of products, it’s also a clear message to parents that says “we don’t trust you to make the right choices for your own children”

“Advertisements are essential to brand freedom. Brands matter to consumers, not only because they establish consumer loyalty, but also because they help distinguish products on the market. In situations where companies give inaccurate information about their goods, competitors should be able to market safer and healthier products. That is the essence of consumer choice,” said Wirtz.”

About Bill Wirtz

My name is Bill, I'm from Luxembourg and I write about the virtues of a free society. I favour individual and economic freedom and I believe in the capabilities people can develop when they have to take their own responsibilities.

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