Elon Musk’s promises on reusable rockets need to be met with more scepticism

Elon Musk’s rise to fame through SpaceX, his Tesla car brand, and his extravagant personality as a whole, comes with questions about his efficacy vis-a-vis his promises. SpaceX itself published a video in September last year mocking its regular failures in landing rocket boosters. Those spectacular “fails” might be amusing to viewers, but it becomes more nuanced […]

The FAIR Fees Act would make air travel more unfair

The new FAA reauthorization bill includes a provision by Sens. Ed Markey, D-Mass and Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., that would effectively turn the entire business of air travel upside down. The so-called FAIR (Forbid Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous Fees Act)Fees Act targets any fee for a change or cancellation of a reservation for a flight in interstate air transportation, […]

European defence in the age of Trump means actually taking responsibilities

Last month, we’ve seen U.S president Donald Trump slam European leaders for their lack of commitment to NATO military spending targets. Trump believes that his European partners are spending too little on defence and says that in the future, they shouldn’t rely on the States to provide for their security. In light of this policy […]

Trump’s free trade suggestion remains unheard

During European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker’s visit to Washington D.C, Donald Trump once again suggested a tariff-and subsidy-free trade area between the European Union and the United States. Yet, the American president continues to fall on deaf ears, for reasons that tell more about the EU than it does about ominous ‘Trumpism’.

Plastic bans have unintended consequences, are bad for the environment

Be it bans for plastic straws, taxes on plastic bags, or the phenomena of banning styrofoam in major cities: there is a part of the political spectrum obsessed with ridding the world of plastic. However, their measures beg the question if they’re actually achieving their goals, and what unintended consequences accompany the anti-plastic obsession.

USA gegen WHO-Zuckersteuern

Die Trump-Regierung blockiert innerhalb der Weltgesundheitsorganisation die Forderung nach einer Zuckersteuer. Gut so, denn eine solche Steuer ist paternalistisch und gegen die Armen gerichtet.

U.S blocks panel on sugar tax, and rightfully so

In a new report, the World Health Organization fails to endorse higher taxes on sugar in order to fight noncommunicable diseases. For the last two years, the U.N. body has been calling for even higher sugar taxes, which would lead to reduced consumption and therefore better overall public health. However, the WHO advocates are not […]

How exactly is cultural protectionism not nationalism?

The European Union wants to implement a framework that would incentivize the production of movies and music inside the EU at the expense of American creations. For a political project that wants itself to be an alternative to the nation-state mentality, this is surely a nationalistic suggestion.