Taxing red meat: when Oxford researchers tell low-income families how to live

In a recent publication for the University of Oxford, Dr. Marco Springmann and James Martin, both Fellows at the Oxford Martin School argue for the introduction of additional taxes on red meat. Springmann makes the case that taxing products such as bacon could save thousands of lives every year, due to the meat’s association with higher chances […]

Going for a run is better than feel-good “junk food” bans

On November 23, London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that, as of February, all advertisements for food high in fat, sugar and salt will be banned from the London tube and bus network. The measure is part of the mayor’s plan to decrease child obesity rates, but it is set to do nothing of the sort.

[REPORTAGE] Chancen sti schlecht fir de Brexit-Deal vum Theresa May

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert, an ass den 3. Dezember ausgestraalt ginn. De Beitrag kann och am Replay op nogelauschtert ginn. ( D’nächst Woch en Dënschden stëmmt dat britescht Parlament iwwer de Brexit Deal of. Den Accord deen d’Premierministesch Theresa May mat der Europäescher Unioun fonnt huet steet ënnert harder Kritik vun alle […]

Welsh minimum alcohol pricing won’t work

There should, however, be no ambiguity about one point: the consumption of alcohol does bring health risks that all consumers should be aware of. Educational practices should promote and enable responsible drinkers without falling into blatant paternalism the likes of which will infantilise the Welsh consumer of their consumer choice.

A year into plain packaging: where’s the reflection?

It’s been a year since mandatory plain packaging for tobacco products was introduced in the UK. All tobacco products now have to be sold in greenish packets without distinctive branding. It was supposed to discourage smoking by making the packaging look unappealing. But when we look at plain-packaging policies around the world, the evidence tells […]