Halfheartedness Could Cost British Conservatives the Majority they Desire

  When British Prime Minister Theresa May called for snap elections on June 8, everyone was predicting she’d pull off a landslide victory. The UK’s Conservatives are surfing the wave of the aftermath of Brexit by consistently standing behind their promise to leave the European Union, something their political rivals have failed to do.

Europe Learned Nothing from the Corn Law Disaster

This article is the translation of the script of my radio column for Radio 100.7 in Luxembourg, which can be found here. The United Kingdom’s protectionist Corn Laws of the 19th century were a disaster for the local industry, despite have the exact opposite intention. Europe is walking its footsteps.

100 celebrities are wrong on ivory trade. Let’s privatise elephants instead!

100 leading conservationists, politicians and celebrities addressed an open letter (which has been published by The Telegraph) to the government of the United Kingdom, asking for a ban on ivory trade. They want Her Majesty’s Government to become a global leader on the prohibition of wildlife trade and help combat African poaching groups. Since we know how beneficial […]