Une rébellion impossible

Dans une société moderne, dépendante d’un Etat omniprésent dans nos vies, la résistance à l’Etat est plus difficile que jamais. La polarisation de la politique est devenue la pierre angulaire de toute analyse politique soi-disant intelligente. Chaque cycle électoral est couvert d’un vaste éventail de commentateurs qui nous disent que nous sommes de plus en […]

Monsters of our own creation

The initial solidarity of the response to the coronavirus was overwhelming. People clapped for hospital staff; balcony choirs amazed the #StayAtHome social media crowd. Those who objected to lockdown policies were few and quickly dismissed as naysayers and contrarians. Since then, weeks have passed. In the United States, lockdowns are fresh creations, still not applied […]

France’s most dangerous village

A past decision of the French State Council which has dangerously extended the concept of “public morality”. In a decision on December 8, 1997, the French Conseil d’État issued a ruling regarding the municipality of Arcueil, which prohibited the advertising of “pink courier” services in 1990. Despite some positive aspects, particularly with regard to the […]

Bashing big bosses, the favourite discipline of the French press

It is an antiphon, declared over and over again in public opinion. From high-level intellectuals like Noam Chomsky to the average citizen, everyone agrees: control by the big bosses over the media protects the former from being targeted by the latter. Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber was already warning of the danger of journalists losing control of their […]

Political violence is unacceptable

In the wake of the ratification of the CETA agreement, environmentalists and anti-free trade zealots are ganging up on politicians who voted for it. This can’t become the new normal.

A selfie in Pripyat

I experienced some social media backlash after posting a selfie from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Beyond the usual problem of annoying comments, this experience raises questions about our current social media use.