Just like the bees, the ‘Beepocalypse’ myth isn’t dying

On World Bee Day, let’s set the record straight. It has been seven years since the Washington Post famously dispelled the myth of a catastrophic bee decline in an article titled “Call off the bee-pocalypse: honeybee colonies just hit a 20-year high.” The piece was one of many attempts to underline that pollinators are not under threat, […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP73: Agri-ultimatum for Turkey, CCC Research, and Flavour confusion (w/ Patrick Griffin)

In this week’s episode: 🇹🇷 The EU is questioning Turkey’s reliability on food trade 🔎 Maria Chaplia takes us through the CCC’s research in 2022 💨 Flavour confusion: what policy-makers don’t understand about harm reduction and the importance of flavours (w/ Patrick Griffin) Check out Vaporound Magazine: https://www.vapouround.co.uk/ Follow Patrick Griffin on Twitter @chattopatrick. Patrick […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP70: Performative caviar ban, Aviation under fire, and The importance of herbicides (w/ Prof. Jayson Lusk)

In this week’s ConsEUmer episode: 🐟 Sanctions on Russian caviar don’t mean much 🛬 Environmentalists target aviation 🌱 The importance of herbicides (w/ Prof. Jayson Lusk) Interview of the week was conducted by Yaël Ossowski and David Clement at Consumer Choice Radio. Check them out :  Podcast Index: https://bit.ly/3EJSIs3 Apple: http://apple.co/2G7avA8 Spotify: http://spoti.fi/3iXIKIS RSS: https://omny.fm/shows/consumerchoiceradio/playlists/podcast.rss […]

Politique agricole: à quand la fin des utopies?

Le secteur énergétique n’est pas le seul concerné par la guerre en Ukraine, les sanctions qui l’ont suivie, et des problèmes d’approvisionnement en ressources essentielles. La stratégie de l’UE semble en revanche faite pour aggraver la situation… En Europe, tous les consensus politiques des dernières années et décennies sont jetés par la fenêtre. Le pacifisme […]

Herbicide shortage underlines its importance

The United States is facing a historic shortage of weed killers due to ongoing supply chain issues. The manufacturers are struggling to get their hands on some of the inert chemicals needed to make herbicides, as well as cardboard boxes and plastic jugs for caps. Glyphosate is one of the chemicals most affected by these […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP61: African connection, Expensive chips, and Europe/US ag headaches (w/ Paul Brian)

In this week’s ConsEUmer episode: 🌍 EU-Africa trade relations: can we talk about agriculture? 🇪🇺 Details on the EU’s Chips Act (w/ Luca Bertoletti) 🚜 What divides the EU and the U.S on agriculture policy? (w/ Paul Brian) Paul Brian’s article in InsideSources: https://insidesources.com/in-us-eu-agricultural-battle-biden-follows-in-trumps-footsteps/ Euractiv webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQFr3AclOpI You can follow Paul Brian on Twitter @paulrbrian. […]

Let’s Learn Well What Farming Once Was, and Not Go Back

Those privileged of having met their grandparents, or even better, their great-grandparents, know of the staggering improvements in human prosperity over the last 100 years. For those born into wealth it’s noticeable through the advances of modern medicine (allowing you to meet your great-grandparents in the first place), but the changes are even more breathtaking […]

What really harms the bees?

Some myths have the tendency of never going away. Lightning does, in fact, strike at the same place twice, your zodiac sign doesn’t mean anything, and a penny dropped from the Empire State Building wouldn’t kill a person. More elaborate myths have benefited from popular supporters and even made their way into parliaments and governments, […]