Quoted by Afrik21

I was quoted by Afrik21 on the issue of genetic engineering. The entire article can be found here. “However, it would be prudent for Iam Africa members to adapt the vision of their charter to local realities. For some experts warn against the popularisation of agro-ecology in developing countries. Its lack of mechanisation, GMOs and […]

Il faut repenser nos réglementations sur le génie génétique

Le Royaume-Uni est en train de revoir ses réglementations sur le génie génétique, une technologie innovante qui peut révolutionner l’agriculture. Si Westminster se décide pour une légalisation de cette technologie, elle ouvrira une voie de concurrence avec l’Union européenne, où ce secteur est entravé par un bon nombre d’interdictions . Cependant, l’argument principal pour la […]

Will the GMO vaccine change our views on genetic engineering?

The most prominent version of a COVID-19 vaccine was developed through genetic engineering. The is a novelty in vaccine science, because it allows for easier processes in the way we fight diseases such as COVID-19. As Cornell’s Alliance for Science explains: “That’s what the “m” in mRNA stands for : messenger. Messenger RNA just carries […]

The dangers of mould

Mycotoxin contamination is set to become a bigger problem as climate change evolves. In order to prevent food safety and food security, European farmers need adequate crop protection tools…. What do you do when you see a set of mould on the marmalade in your fridge? The unfortunate conventional household wisdom is to remove it, […]

Organic food in Europe deserves a critical eye

The European Commission’s new Farm To Fork strategy aims at a significant increase in organic farming in Europe. The implication that organic is better seems to have become the predominant belief in agricultural politics. However, it doesn’t hold up to the… Organic farming benefits from special derogations in public discourse — it in fact does […]

Let European scientists participate in the gene-revolution

A French scientist has won a Nobel Prize for a technology that has been made illegal for use in agriculture by the European Union… One wonders how exactly the news was received in the European Commission when two female scientists, one of which French, received the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for the development of […]

Fight mycotoxin contamination with modern technology

Every consumer will know this problem: you come home from a long trip but the fruits, vegetables, and yoghurt are still in the fridge. “Expiry dates are just an industry trick to sell more food” is a thought that leads some to disregard the mould that has formed on all of these items over time, […]

Gene-editing innovations can save us (if we let them)

2020 marked a first in the history of the Nobel Prize. For the first since its creation, a science Nobel Prize has been awarded to two women. Jenifer Doudna from the University of California, and Emmanuelle Charpentier from the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin were awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, […]