Getting Rid of Smoking Bans now is a Good Idea

For the past several decades, governments have been cracking down on tobacco consumption, including by banning smoking in many places such as bars or restaurants. But we’ve learned a lot about the effects of these kinds of policies over the last few years and now it’s time to reconsider them. Here’s why:

Scientists Agree: Real Environmentalists Support Nuclear Energy

Environmentalists are in a constant fight against nuclear energy as a technology to satisfy our energy demands. It is a beautiful manifestation of how they are willing to listen to scientists once it confirms their narrative, but reject them as soon as it contradicts their fact-free virtue-signalling. Conservation scientists agree: real environmentalists support nuclear energy.

Genetically Modified Food is Safe

#TTIPLeaks is the latest attempt to bring something that’s not worthy of being news into the papers. The United States are defending interests of American businesses, nothing surprising there. But far more interesting than the opposition of environmentalists to free trade is their unscientific approach when it comes to genetically modified food. The standards they […]