ConsEUmer podcast / EP90: Romania’s Schengen bid, Missed trains, and Europe’s EV struggles (w/ Jan Burdinski)

In this week’s episode of ConsEUmer: 🇷🇴 European Council will decide whether to allow Romania a.o. into Schengen (w/ Emil Panzaru) 🚉 15 European railway companies create flexible substitute tickets 🔌 Is car protectionism the way? (w/ Jan Burdinski) Follow Jan Burdinski on Twitter @Burdinski. Support the war effort in Ukraine: October 27, 2022 […]

Faut-il élargir l’Union européenne?

L’acceptation de nouveaux membres au sein de l’UE pourrait être complètement contre-productive. Une alternative existe toutefois… Lors d’un récent discours à Prague, le chancelier allemand Olaf Scholz a suggéré ce qui revient à un élargissement considérable de l’Union européenne. Il propose d’ouvrir la voie à l’adhésion aux pays des Balkans occidentaux (Macédoine du Nord, Monténégro, […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP36: The organic lobby, Germany votes, and Protests in Bulgaria (w/ Nikolay Filibev)

Mid-summer episode of ConsEUmer, with your host Bill Wirtz (@wirtzbill). In this week’s episode: 🌱 Environmental groups want organic-only by 2035 🧳 Travelling to the EU from visa-exempt countries will be harder from next year on 🇩🇪 Germany is voting next month (w/ Fred Roeder) 🇧🇬 Bulgarians protest government over wiretapping scandal (w/ Nikolay Filibev) […]

Who really dismantles Europe?

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for the renegotiation of the Schengen agreement, which guarantees the right to free movement between the signatory countries in Europe. Paired with some of his other statements, this demonstrates  how hypocritical France’s head of state can really be.

Kosovans deserve visa-free travel

A generation of young Kosovans has been taught that freedom of movement is conditional on productivity, and that their productivity is conditional on their freedom of movement. Let’s avoid a generation of “trapped” youth.