Food Trade with Europe Should Be a Bipartisan Priority

The United States has the opportunity to upgrade its food exports to increase revenues for farmers, but for that to happen it needs to negotiate a comprehensive trade deal with Europe. For reference, America exports more food to Japan, a market of 125 million consumers, than to the European Union, which holds (with its associated […]

[Reportage] Récapitulatif Strosbuerg : Mënscherechter, Malta, Mercosur

Dëse Reportage ass den 20. Dezember op RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg iwwerdroe ginn. USO : A senger leschter Plénières-Woch zu Strosbuerg huet d’Europäescht Parlament sech nees ville Sujet’en ugeholl. Vu Mënscherechter iwwer d’Situatioun zu Malta, bis op de Schutz vun de Beien. De Bill Wirtz huet d’Detailer. D’Woch zu Strosbuerg war zu engem Deel zeremoniell. Gefeiert gouf […]

Doing business with Brazil is even more important under Bolsonaro

The election of Jair Bolsonaro as the new president of Brazil has sparked a sudden interest in the largest Southern American country. It seems as if those previously unconcerned by the devastating economic policies and the inability to fight crime in the country, have suddenly turned into policy experts regarding Brazil.