8 bloggers you should follow in 2017

I recommend these 8 bloggers because they have a lot of talent in analysing recent political developments and in arguing in favour of a free society. You can click on their names to access their articles. Take a look! 

Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker is an American author and Director of Content at the Foundation for Economic Education. His concept relies on the idea of mainstreaming libertarian ideas by making the effects of liberty visible on both historic and contemporary examples. Tucker has a great talent for making you stand in awe at the beauty of free market capitalism. He covers a wide range of topics and doesn’t fear to use pop culture references to illustrate his points.

Tim Worstall

Tim Worstall is a British Forbes-writer and Senior Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute, who especially talks about economics and taxation. Every time you hear about a major tax-leak story or about initiatives demanding increases in the minimum wage, it’s safe to check Worstall’s articles before forming an opinion.

Evan Puschak

I was a bit conflicted about adding Evan Puschak, not only because he’s not blogger but does video essays, and because I originally only wanted to have 7 names in this list, but also because I find him to be wrong on a lot of things. However, some of his videos are amazingly accurate and well constructed, like his piece on Amazon Go, his essay on Louis C.K.’s child molestation joke, or this one about Donald Trump:

Louis Rouanet

Louis is a French student at the Paris Institute for Political Studies and a witty writer for the Mises Institute. Infamous for his knowledge of Ludwig von Mises quotes and his disdain for the European Union, Louis lands a hit piece at least once a month.

Cathy Reisenwitz

Cathy Reisenwitz is a Washington D.C.-based writer. She is Editor-in-Chief of Sex and the State and her writing has appeared, amongst others, in The Week, Forbes, the Chicago Tribune, The Daily Beast and VICE. From feminism (just like with Evan Puschak, disagreement is key), over property rights to drug policy, Reisenwitz fits into the new liberty-marketing approach of FEE.

Daniel Mitchell

Daniel J. Mitchell is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute who specialises in fiscal policy, particularly tax reform, international tax competition, and the economic burden of government spending. Just as in his talks for European Students for Liberty, in which he very appealingly lays out his cynicism of the effect of demographics on the welfare state, his writings make it easy to digest a lot of stats in an easy way.

Yaël Ossowski

Yaël is a Canadian born, US-raised, Vienna-based, Prague-studying polyglot cosmopolitan who’s currently Senior Development Officer for Students For Liberty and a journalist. He manages to pick up on the news stories you haven’t heard about, and makes pro-liberty journalism mainstream.

Ryan McMaken

Ryan McMaken is the editor of Mises Wire and The Austrian. His work is very US-centred, but manages nonetheless to provide real-life examples to why free market solutions are favourable.

Here’s one of his talks:

Try to follow these 8 bloggers and the outlets they publish in this year! You can also follow this blog by subscribing with WordPress account or by clicking the “Follow” button under “Follow Blog Via Email” in the sidebar on the left.

About Bill Wirtz

My name is Bill, I'm from Luxembourg and I write about the virtues of a free society. I favour individual and economic freedom and I believe in the capabilities people can develop when they have to take their own responsibilities.

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