Thank you! My 2016 in review

Usually WordPress has been so kind to offer an automated ‘year in review’ (as in 2014 and 2015). Since this is not the case this year, I have collected my numbers from this on my own! Thousands of views and visitors and over 80 publications. It’s been good!

Total Views & Visitors

This blog has had 13,500 views and 8,700 visitors in 2016, of which the most came from the following countries:

  • France: 3,500 views
  • Canada: 2,000 views
  • Luxembourg: 1,500 views

In terms of referrers:

  • 6,500 views came in through search engines (such as Google, Yahoo or Bing)
  • 2,200 views came in through Facebook
  • 280 views came in through Twitter

Articles published

This year I have published a total of 67 articles and 1 interview, out of which 37 were in English, 14 in Luxembourgish, 9 in French, 6 in German, 1 in Spanish and 1 in Portuguese.

Best performing articles

The article that has performed the best this year is “6 arguments en faveur de la légalisation de toutes les drogues“, which is a translation of the English article “6 reasons to legalise all drugs“.

Second was my academic paper “The Essence of Free Market Environmentalism“.

Third was my article “Genetically Modified Food is Safe“.


My articles have been published through the following mediums:

  • European Students for Liberty Blog:           14 articles published
  • Freedom Today Network:                              14 articles published
  • Foundation for Economic Education:          13 articles published
  • Mises Institute United States:                         5 articles published
  • Contrepoints:                                                      5 articles published
  • BeingLibertarian:                                               4 articles published
  • PanAm Post:                                                        2 articles published
  • Novo:                                                                     2 articles published
  • Freitum:                                                                2 articles published
  • Contraditorio:                                                      2 papers published
  • ALibertarian Future:                                          2 articles published
  • Campus Europe:                                                 2 articles published
  • Instituto Mises (hispanic):                                1 article published
  • Mises Institute Brasil:                                        1 article published
  • Washington Examiner:                                      1 article published
  • CapX:                                                                     1 article published
  • Katoikos:                                                               1 article published
  •                                                                 1 article published
  • Peace Love Liberty Blog:                                    1 article published

In printed versions:

  • Lëtzebuerger Journal                                          9 articles published
  • Luxemburger Wort                                              3 articles published
  • Neue Universal:                                                    1 article published

Which means that I was published 87 times!

Thank you!

Thank you to those who like and share my articles, it really means a lot to me. If you have questions, comments or want to recommend me to a medium, please contact me!

Stay tuned for more!

About Bill Wirtz

My name is Bill, I'm from Luxembourg and I write about the virtues of a free society. I favour individual and economic freedom and I believe in the capabilities people can develop when they have to take their own responsibilities.

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