Prohibition 2.0

Une initiative européenne propose la fin des produits à base de nicotine, avec une restriction définitive pour ceux nés depuis 2010. Autant de clients potentiels pour les futurs contrebandiers…   Une nouvelle initiative citoyenne européenne, lancée par une organisation espagnole à but non lucratif, demande l’interdiction de la vente de tabac et de produits à […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP73: Agri-ultimatum for Turkey, CCC Research, and Flavour confusion (w/ Patrick Griffin)

In this week’s episode: 🇹🇷 The EU is questioning Turkey’s reliability on food trade 🔎 Maria Chaplia takes us through the CCC’s research in 2022 💨 Flavour confusion: what policy-makers don’t understand about harm reduction and the importance of flavours (w/ Patrick Griffin) Check out Vaporound Magazine: Follow Patrick Griffin on Twitter @chattopatrick. Patrick […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP51: Scandinavia opposes minimum wage, and EU vape politics (w/ Michael Landl)

Shorter episode of ConsEUmer this week, with these topics: 💼 Danish and Swedish labour unions oppose minimum wage directive 🇪🇺 Michael Landl talks about his pro-vaping activism in Brussels You can follow Michael Landl on Twitter @LandlMichael. November 25, 2021 Follow ConsEUmer wherever you get your podcasts: Apple: podcasts:

The EU should follow the UK’s lead on harm reduction at FCTC COP next week

The World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC COP) is coming up next week, after having been cancelled last year. The meeting will assess the progress of WHO states in their reduction of smoking rates and continue its recommendations to curb the use of tobacco products. Curiously, in the conversations over the last […]

Brüssel will Raucher und Dampfer wieder zur Kasse bitten

Die EU-weite Tabakmindeststeuer soll erhöht werden, auch das ‚Dampfen‘ betreffend. Geht gegen Einkaufstourismus, der durch noch höhere Steuern aber höchstens auf den Schwarzmarkt abgedrängt würde. Im Juni billigte der Europäische Rat einen neuen Konsens über Verbrauchssteuern auf Tabakwaren. Die Mitgliedstaaten schlagen Änderungen vor, die den Tabakpreis erhöhen und auch Nicht-Tabakprodukte wie E-Zigaretten betreffen würden. Seit 2011 gibt […]

New EU rule changes would mean bad news for Smokers and Vapers alike

In its conclusions in June, the European Council approved a new consensus on excise duties on tobacco. The member states suggest rule changes that would increase the price of tobacco, and equally affect non-tobacco products such as e-cigarettes. Since 2011, the European Union has had a common minimum excise duty on tobacco products, which notably increased the […]