Friendly fire: Europe’s trade unions are against an EU-minimum wage

The incoming European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs has only about one thing in common with yours truly: he’s Luxembourgish. Nicolas Schmit is a lifelong socialist and has been Minister of Labor in Luxembourg for as far as I can remember. Bureaucrat-made-politician, Schmit is a sworn enemy of the free market and no great […]

France shows what you get with democratic socialism

Strikes and blockades have spread across France as President Emmanuel Macron spends his time touring Europe with a new EU agenda.The French state-run railway service, SNCF, is currently dealing with massive strikes on both the regional and the high-speed inter-city lines. The unions CGT and SUD-Rail are striking in opposition to any change in the […]

Whom do unions really protect?

This week has seen massive strikes in the French public railway services. While the unions are holding the French transport system hostage, only a fraction of both regional and high-speed intercity trains are operational. France is a notable example of what happens when unions gain the upper hand. But whom do they really protect?