EU Green Policies Back On The Table

Russia’s war in Ukraine has shaken every political consensus in Europe. Within weeks, Germany’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal with Moscow was cancelled, and the principle of not sending weapons to war zones went out the window. Just three years ago, French President Emmanuel Macron called NATO “braindead.” Now, nobody in Europe is echoing this […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP64: F2F under fire, Italy looks for gas alternatives, and Humanitarian aid to Ukrainians (w/ Martin Pánek)

In this week’s episode of ConsEUmer: 🚜 The Farm to Fork strategy is coming under fire 🇮🇹 Italy looks for alternatives to Russian gas (w/ Luca Bertoletti) 🇺🇦 Martin Pánek talks about his experience on the Slovak-Ukrainian border Check out these websites if you want support Ukraine financially: You can follow Martin Pánek […]

What Erdogan is thinking about Ukraine

Turkey’s twentieth-century experience was very different from that of most European countries. During World War One, the late Ottoman Empire joined forces with Germany, a decision the sultans not only came to regret but that ultimately led to the fall of their monarchy. The Turkish War of Independence followed, touched off by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, […]

Ukraine won’t join the European Union any time soon 

In the wake of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky has renewed his country’s wish to join the European Union. This week, the European Parliament approved Ukraine’s application to join the EU with an overwhelming majority. But Ukraine will not join the European Union this year, and possibly not even in the next five […]

What Are Europe’s Energy Alternatives?

“Captive to Russia.” That is what Donald Trump called Germany at a meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in 2018. The building of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and its ongoing energy deals with Moscow would make Germany too dependent on the autocratic state. Trump’s observation was not exactly original—the Obama administration had made similar […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP63: War in Europe (w/ Ihor Masiakin)

Today’s episode of ConsEUmer is fully dedicated to talking about the situation in Ukraine. Our guest this week is Ihor Masiakin from Ukraine. 🇺🇦 Check out these websites if you want support Ukraine financially: Note: Apologies for the drop notification sound in the background. I’ve edited it out as much as I could […]

The stakes for Europe are even higher than in 1938

Any analysis of the Ukraine situation risks lagging behind the news. As of the time this article was published, Russia had conquered the former Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Its forces are only about sixty miles away from Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, which has already experienced shelling. Russians have also attempted to capture Antonov International Airport, just […]

Why does Germany look so weak on Russia?

Arecent survey of Germans done by Forsa, amongst the most reputable polling institutions in that country, shows that at least in one way, the Cold War has not quite ended. A majority of West German respondents (52 percent) blame Russia for escalating the conflict with Ukraine, while a plurality of East German participants (43 percent) […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP59: Ukraine conflict affects imports, shorter green certificates, and Europes ghost flights (w/ Gary Leff)

In this week’s episode: 🇺🇦 The conflict between Russia and Ukraine might impact food security 🦠 COVID-19 green passes get shorter validity around Europe (w/ Fred Roeder) ✈️ What causes ghost-flights? (w/ Gary Leff) You can follow Gary Leff on Twitter @garyleff. Also check out ! February 3, 2022 Follow ConsEUmer wherever you get […]