Cité par Webtime Medias

J’ai été cité par Webtime Medias sur la possible interdiction des vols de moins de 2 heures et 30 minutes en France. Le souhait du gouvernement d’interdire les vols intérieurs quand une alternative en TGV de moins de 2h30 est disponible n’est guère apprécié par les professionnels du voyage. Si Nice, ne disposant pas de […]

[Reportage] Wéinst Corona-Kris: Soll ee bei annuléierte Volle Suen zréckkréien? 12 EU-Memberstaate soen “Nee”

Dëse Reportage ass fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert ginn, a gouf den 3. Mee iwwerdroen. De ganze Beitrag fënnt een och hei. Soll ee seng Sue kënnen zréckkréien, wann am Kader vum Coronavirus ee Vol annuléiert gouf? 12 EU-Memberstaate soe sech an enger gemeinsamer Deklaratioun dogéint, dass d’Fluchgesellschaften de Leit hier Sue sollen zréckginn. Ënnert […]

Policy Primer on supersonic air travel released

In the context of my work for the Consumer Choice Center, I co-authored a new policy primer on supersonic air travel in Europe, together with the CCC’s Senior European Affairs Manager Luca Bertoletti. You can read the full report here.

Don’t follow Europe on the anti-flight craze

While the Conservative leadership race dominates the news in the UK, the European Union is continuing to regulate as usual. At a recent European Council, the Netherlands proposed an EU departure tax, which would add a levy of €7 (£6.25) to every flight departing from an airport inside of a member state. The tax has […]

Europe is not an example for the Green New Deal in practice

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” suggests replacing air travel with high-speed rail connections. But the comparisons drawn with Europe ignore that despite massive investments on the Old Continent, prices remain non-competitive with air travel and that state-run rail crumbles under its own inefficiency.

[Video] Rewatch the latest CCC live chat

I moderated a Consumer Choice Center live chat titled “For Mother Nature: Should We Stop Flying?”, hosting Gary Leff, who created the frequent flyer blog “View from the Wing”, as well as CCC’s very own Managing Director Fred Roeder. Click down below to rewatch the entire exchange.

Taxing the sky hurts consumers

As the back and forth on Brexit dominates political debate in the UK, the European Union, as ever, is working on new ways to make everyday life more irksome, intrusive, and overpriced.