La vape a réussi d’accomplir ce que l’Etat ne peut pas

Une bonne information et une réglementation équilibrée sont plus efficaces que l’interdiction pure et simple : du bon sens, et pourtant… Les collégiens, les lycéens et les étudiants ont augmenté leur consommation de cigarettes électroniques, malgré les préoccupations croissantes.

Vaping achieves what years of government policies couldn’t

Middle schoolers, high schoolers, and university students have increased their use of e-cigarettes, despite rising public concern. While underage nicotine consumption and smoking-related lung disease deaths are a real problem, legal vaping products, and accurate consumer information can combat instead of worsen these effects. We should welcome the presence of alternatives to tobacco, and endorse safe, and […]

Tabak-Werbung: Was legal ist soll beworben werden können

Was wird auf Straßenplakaten heutzutage beworben? Limonade, Schokolade, Lebensversicherungen, Bankkonten, Medikamente, Bier, Autos. Wer falsch mit diesen Produkten umgeht kann sich selbst oder sein Vermögen in Gefahr bringen. Aus diesem Grund werden Alternativen, die mehr Sicherheit bieten ebenfalls beworben: Limonade ohne Zucker, fettarme Schokolade, Versicherungsvergleichportale, Anwälte, die bei Klagen gegen Banken helfen, alkoholfreies Bier, oder […]

Quoted by Inside Sources

I was quoted by Inside Sources on the topic of tobacco harm reduction in the European Union. You can read the quote below, or find the full article here.

The ECJ, politically charged, opposes harm-reduction

In January last year, the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) appealed against the 1992 EU-ban on the smokeless tobacco snus. Snus is powdered tobacco, often sold in pre-packed bags of the size of an index finger, which the users place on the upper lip. It is sometimes confused with snuffed tobacco, which is legal. Snus does […]

You, the taxpayer, pays for your own nannies

At the beginning of the EU Health Policy Platform annual meeting, Vytenis Andriukaitis, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, held an energetic speech against the practice of smoking tobacco. He pointed out that he believes the idea that harm-reduction through e-cigarettes, as it is currently practiced in the UK for instance, is nonsense. He doesn’t […]

Quoted by VSK Newsroom

VSK Newsroom quoted me on the introduction of plain packaging legislation in the Netherlands. Click down below to read the full article, or find it on their website.

Quoted by MedicalFacts

The Dutch medicines website MedicalFacts quoted me on the introduction of plain packaging legislation in the Netherlands. Click down below to read the full article, or find it on their website.