What high-tax Europe really looks like

A new report outlines how intrusive Europe’s high taxes are on the work life of its citizens. Is this what Americans want? Calls for Taxing the Rich Are Everywhere Promises are mounting in the Democratic Party’s primary debates as contenders try to outbid one another on free health care, free public education, or, in the […]

Luxembourg is right about tax ruling court cases

The European Commission is cracking down on tax advantages of individual member states. This will undermine the competitiveness of the entire continent. Margrethe Vestager will be confirmed in her place as Commissioner for Competition of the European Union. In the last five years, the Danish politician has put forward a legal theory, suggesting that tax […]

Les régimes fiscaux particuliers dans le 10e Homme

Chers lecteurs, Comme je vous avais annoncé au mois d’avril, je contribue une fois par mois à la newsletter “10ème Homme”, produit par Vauban Editions en Suisse. Au mois de septembre, ma lettre (et ma vidéo) vous parlaient du “lobbying pour la santé pas très crédible”, et en quoi des organisations non-gouvernementales profitent de la […]

Make planes more efficient… by using them!

Growing up, I lived next to an airport. It isn’t an airport that does connecting flights, nor does it allow for night flights. However, arrivals and departures are audible, and during the occasional military airplane test run, the windows tend to vibrate accordingly. Both my parents and I recognize that things have changed over the […]

Don’t follow Europe on the anti-flight craze

While the Conservative leadership race dominates the news in the UK, the European Union is continuing to regulate as usual. At a recent European Council, the Netherlands proposed an EU departure tax, which would add a levy of €7 (£6.25) to every flight departing from an airport inside of a member state. The tax has […]

Was hat die EU für uns getan?

Dieser Artikel erschien in der siebten Ausgabe des “Peace Love Liberty” Magazins, produziert von Students For Liberty in Deutschland. (Kompletter Artikel auf Seite 13)