Pourquoi des départements fédéraux suisses participent-ils à l’obscurantisme dans l’agriculture?

Pourquoi les institutions suisses participent-elles à la promotion de l’agro-écologie — technologie qui réduit les rendements agricoles pour les pays les plus pauvres? L’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’Alimentation et l’Agriculture (ONUAA) s’est donnée comme objectif la promotion d’une alimentation saine et accessible dans le monde. En vue des difficultés existantes dans des continents comme […]

Swiss voters agree to stricter gun laws

In a referendum held on Sunday, Swiss voters agreed to new gun regulations. Gun rights activists lobbied against tighter rules and pushed the vote in an attempt to oppose new agreements between Switzerland and the European Union. The reform of the European Union’s firearms directive would place more restrictions on gun owners and centralize surveillance.

Frédéric Jollien: “It’s us against the whole media landscape”

Together with other classical liberals in Switzerland, Frédéric Jollien is fighting against the royalties imposed by the government for media consumption. 450 Swiss Francs, the equivalent of €382, is the annual fee that consumers need to pay, regardless if they want state-run TV and radio channels or not. “We are not trying to abolish anything. […]