ConsEUmer podcast / EP113: SUR sceptics, Dutch strikes, and Sweden gets vaping right (w/ Michael Landl)

In this week’s ConsEUmer episode: 🌱 Farm ministers in the EU are sceptical on pesticide reduction targets 🇳🇱 The Netherlands had 33 strikes last year 🇸🇪 Sweden gets vaping right (w/ Michael Landl) You can follow Michael Landl on Twitter @LandlMichael. May 4, 2023 Follow ConsEUmer wherever you get your podcasts: Apple: podcasts:

How a Sweden pushback against essential oils would hurt consumers

Whether you’re applying perfume before a night out or mosquito repellent this summer, you might use essential oils in the process. The concentrated extractions from plants are used widely in the home and not only for wellness bloggers – they freshen up your laundry, treat your acne, and fend off fruit flies. Yet under EU […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP51: Scandinavia opposes minimum wage, and EU vape politics (w/ Michael Landl)

Shorter episode of ConsEUmer this week, with these topics: 💼 Danish and Swedish labour unions oppose minimum wage directive 🇪🇺 Michael Landl talks about his pro-vaping activism in Brussels You can follow Michael Landl on Twitter @LandlMichael. November 25, 2021 Follow ConsEUmer wherever you get your podcasts: Apple: podcasts:

ConsEUmer podcast / EP40: French protectionism, Swedish freedom, and Czech PM vs. the EU (w/ Jan Mošovský)

Episode 40 of ConsEUmer is out! This week: 🇫🇷 France wants stricter rules for food imports 🇸🇪 Sweden drops restrictions on September 29 🇨🇿 Czech PM Babiš targeted by the EU You can follow Jan Mošovský on Twitter @JanMosovsky. September 9, 2021 Follow ConsEUmer wherever you get your podcasts: Apple: podcasts:

Europe Needs a “New UK”

French President Emmanuel Macron accused the “Frugals”, i.e. the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden (during the last European Council summit, Finland also joined this group) of “acting like Brexit Britain.” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte had demanded a smaller proportion of grants – handing out money without having to repay it – instead of loans awarded by […]

Here’s who the “Frugal Four” are and why you should root for them

In order to respond to COVID-19 and the economic collapse that we are experiencing as a result of the lockdown measures, the European Commission has laid out an ambitious program to tackle the situation. During the European Council meeting on June 19, EU heads of state and government were not able to find common ground […]

Interviewed by Dat Goda Samhället

Some of the readers of this blog will be aware at this point that I lost a contract with a newspaper, merely for making fun of climate activist Greta Thunberg. The Swedish blog Dat Goda Samhället interviewed me about the situation. You can find the whole interview HERE. For those interested: it is in Swedish, […]