Free to choose: adult consumers should make their own decisions

We have created a public policy monster that lurks out from the backroom once we eye the cookie jar… Not a day goes by without a public health campaigner knocking on your door (though currently it’s probably an email) to explain to your which product should be banned or taxed out of existence. It used […]

Cité par Le Carrefour de Québec

J’ai été cité par Le Carrefour de Québec, au sujet de ma participation dans le programme “Free Market Series” de Scully sur PBS. La sixième saison de la série Free Markets maintenant disponible en ligne MONTRÉAL, le 6 mai 2020 /CNW Telbec/ – Après avoir été diffusée sur le réseau PBS au Canada et aux États-Unis, la […]

Quoted in Yahoo! Finance

I was quoted in Yahoo! Finance for being a part of Season 6 of the Free Market Series on PBS. The Free Markets Series introduces viewers to the principles of the free market through interviews with some of the most dynamic and influential thinkers and activists in the United States and Canada. Season 6 features: Calixto Chikiamco, President […]

[Book] Sündensteuern sind europaweit auf dem Vormarsch

Zusammen mit der Redaktion von NOVO, unter Johannes Richardt und Christoph Lövenich, habe ich an der Redaktion des Buches “Genießen verboten” teilgenommen. Mein Beitrag trägt den Titel “Sündensteuern sind auf dem Vormarsch”. Das Buch ist auf der Webseite von NOVO erhältlich.

Taxing red meat: when Oxford researchers tell low-income families how to live

In a recent publication for the University of Oxford, Dr. Marco Springmann and James Martin, both Fellows at the Oxford Martin School argue for the introduction of additional taxes on red meat. Springmann makes the case that taxing products such as bacon could save thousands of lives every year, due to the meat’s association with higher chances […]