ConsEUmer podcast / EP65: Sanctions & Superpowers (co-hosted w/ Fabio Fernandes)

This week’s ConsEUmer podcast is co-hosted with Fabio Fernandes. This week we cover the ongoing war in Ukraine and the repercussions on the European economy.  Check out these websites if you want support Ukraine financially: You can follow Fabio Fernandes on Twitter @DeFariaeSilva. Check out his new podcast Liberdade Para Esolher: March […]

EU Green Policies Back On The Table

Russia’s war in Ukraine has shaken every political consensus in Europe. Within weeks, Germany’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal with Moscow was cancelled, and the principle of not sending weapons to war zones went out the window. Just three years ago, French President Emmanuel Macron called NATO “braindead.” Now, nobody in Europe is echoing this […]

Why does Germany look so weak on Russia?

Arecent survey of Germans done by Forsa, amongst the most reputable polling institutions in that country, shows that at least in one way, the Cold War has not quite ended. A majority of West German respondents (52 percent) blame Russia for escalating the conflict with Ukraine, while a plurality of East German participants (43 percent) […]

[Podcast] Oppen Dieren Episod 13: Franséisch Presidence vun der EU

Déi dräizéngt Episod vum neie Podcast “Oppen Dieren” ass disponibel um Lëtzebuerger Journal. Dir fannt déi ganz Episod andeems dir HEI klickt. Hei ass een Teaser: Dir kënnt onofhängege Journalismus ënnerstëtze andeems dir iech op de Lëtzebuerger Journal abonnéiert. Méi Informatioune fannt dir op

ConsEUmer podcast / EP60: Petrol car ban scepticism, Gas import alternatives, and Maastricht’s Dirty 30 (co-hosted w/ Fabio Fernandes)

This week’s ConsEUmer podcast is once again co-hosted with Fabio Fernandes. Our topics: ⛽ EU lawmakers voice scepticism over petrol car ban timeline 🇪🇺 It’s the EU’s birthday this week 🏭 Europe looks to Azerbaijan for gas imports [Note: Luxembourg’s debt-to-GDP is actually only 22%, not 30%.] You can follow Fabio on Twitter @DeFariaeSilva. February […]

La flambée des prix de gaz divise l’Europe

La hausse atteint 300% pour l’ensemble de l’Europe, ce qui pousse les décideurs européens à chercher des solutions fiscales de court terme. Les solutions de plus long terme sont en revanche complètement ignorées… L’Europe espère que l’hiver ne sera pas froid. Alors que le continent lutte contre la pandémie de Covid-19, qu’il est confronté à […]