Nationalism destroyed Europe in the early 20th century

The far-right in Europe is making gains both at the national and EU level. Donald Trump has made noise about reuniting with self-identified economic nationalist Steve Bannon. It’s a trend that’s not going away, even as we debate the true meaning of nationalism and its political implications. So it’s worth remembering what it did to Europe in the 20th […]

La directive audiovisuelle de l’UE promeut le protectionnisme culturel

Le Parlement européen demande un quota obligatoire de 30 pour cent de productions européennes imposé aux fournisseurs de contenus audiovisuels. Ce taux dépasse les 20 pour cent que proposait la Commission. Nous devons être clairs sur la nature de cette proposition : il s’agit d’une poussée importante du protectionnisme culturel.

Germany’s Nazis surf on empty dialogue

The German city of Chemnitz, in the state of Saxony, is seeing large protests by neo-Nazis, following a fatal stabbing of a German citizen by refugees. The men arrested in the case are a 22-year old Iraqi and a 23-year-old Syrian, who are now being charged with voluntary manslaughter.

AfD in Germany: The Alt-Right in Practice

This article was first published by The American Conservative. In September, Germans will head to the polls to elect a new parliament. One of the parties expected to enter the Bundestag for the very first time is the Alternative für Deutschland (or Alternative for Germany). Over the course of two years, as AfD has transitioned […]