Amy Klobuchar’s Journalism Bill Wants Bad Media Cartels

People will share this article on social media channels, which will drive traffic to the Newsmax website. More traffic on a website means more users likely to click on and consume content on that same website, driving ad revenue. In this sense, Facebook or Twitter act as multipliers of exposure to media companies. But that […]

Wéi gesäis du dat? – False balance

An dësem Format diskutéieren d’Journalisten vum Lëtzebuerger Journal iwwer editorial Choixe vun der Redaktioun. Wéi Informatioune sollen traitéiert an eriwwerbruecht ginn, dat gesäit net ëmmer jiddereen d’selwecht. False balance De Misch Pautsch an de Bill Wirtz diskutéieren driwwer, ob een an engem Debat och déi zu Wuert komme loosse soll, déi Verschwörungstheorië verbreeden oder radikal Meenungen […]

Is there political bias in the media?

My latest article was published on Journal. It can be found HERE. The aim of journalism is to report the facts without letting your personal biases get in the way. That does not prevent journalists and their employers from having their own political takes. We talked to colleagues and researchers to answer this sensitive question. If […]

[Video] Diskussioun iwwer Journalismus

Dëse Video gouf am Dezember 2021 opgeholl, am Kader vum Journal Video-Format “Elo mol éierlech”. De ganze Video ass disponibel fir Abonnente vum Lëtzebuerger Journal, ënnert dësem Link. Hei ass een Extrait. Dir kënt de Contenu vum Lëtzebuerger Journal kucken, lauschteren, a liesen, integral a fir just 168€ d’Joer. Abonnéiert iech elo op Individuell Video’en kënnen och […]

Camera on

My latest article was published on Journal. It can be found HERE. Body cams, dash cams, recorded trials and interrogations – while standard practice in other countries, do not exist in Luxembourg. A few pushes have been made to introduce visual and audio recording to the law enforcement and justice system, but progress has been slow. […]

We don’t need content quotas

Streaming platforms and consumers should make their own decisions… A number of countries and regions are already applying entertainment content quotas. This means that a certain percentage of audiovisual content on broadcasting channels needs to be local. This rule already exists in France, for radio broadcasters. For private radio stations, there are rules on the […]