The whole cabinet needs to stand behind Luxembourg’s veto on tax questions

Finance minister Pierre Gramegna has expressed the view that Luxembourg should not give up the principle of unanimity voting on tax issues in the European Council. This was in reaction to a suggestion by the European Commission to replace the procedure with qualified majority voting. Were this to happen, Luxembourg could see itself being outvoted […]

“Free” public transport means more expensive public transport

In a press conference on Monday, Luxembourg’s Ministry of Transport under François Bausch (Greens) announced the details of “free” public transport in the country. As of March 1, 2020, all public transport services, will be free of charge. Cross-border rides will cost less, as customers will pay only for the fares in France, Belgium or […]

[ZOOM] Konstruktives Mitreden

Der neue Präsident der ACEL, Pascal Thinnes, über seine Pläne und Kritikpunkte Pascal Thinnes, 25 Jahre alt, wurde am vergangenen 26. Dezember bei der Generalversammlung der Studierendenorganisation ACEL (Association des Cercles d’Étudiants Luxembourgeois) zum neuen Präsidenten ernannt. Die ACEL vertritt rund vierzig Studentenkreise quer durch Europa und sogar darüber hinaus, und über diesen Weg mehr […]

[ZOOM] Eine Kunstschule für alle

Raphael Gindt und Daniel Mac Lloyd bieten die kreative und freie „Konschtschoul“ an Der „Kamellebuttek“ in Esch/Alzette wurde von den zwei freiberuflichen Künstlern Raphael Gindt und Daniel Mac Lloyd ins Leben gerufen und ist eine einzigartige, professionell geleitete und über mehrere Stockwerke verteilte „Urban Contemporary Art Gallery“. In vornehmlich schwarzen Ambiente präsentieren die beiden Gründer […]

Better opposition? Here’s what the CSV should do in the next five years

This article was pitched to the Luxembourg Times in early December and rejected.  CSV (Christian-Social People’s Party) parliament group leader Claude Wiseler went on Radio 100,7 and gave an interview following lost opportunity of his party to participate in a government coalition. As DP, LSAP and “déi Gréng” are kick-starting the sequel to the previous […]

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The Czech weed website quoted me on the legalisation of cannabis in Luxembourg. Click down below to read the full quote, or find the article on their website here.