Scientific cherry-picking

“We Greens in the Bundestag stand for a rural-ecological agriculture”, it says on the website of the Green parliamentary group. They advocate GM-free food, low-pesticide agriculture, more organic farming and regional marketing. The Greens take “stand for” seriously, as the party now demands nothing less than a complete ban on industrial agriculture. After years in […]

The German hate speech saga

A federal court in Berlin decided that it was a legitimate expression of an opinion to call a politician a “slut”, “piece of shit”, and “brainless” on Facebook. The politician (who had indeed sued the user) and her supporters are outraged that the court would allow this “hate speech” to exist online. After having been […]

Europe’s new president shows how the right is giving in to the left

On Tuesday, the European Parliament approved Ursula von der Leyen to be the new president of the European Commission, the EU’s effective executive branch. She will become the first woman to hold the post, and the least popular from the get-go: she netted a majority of only nine votes (383) over of the necessary 374.

Wissenschaftliche Rosinenpickerei

„Wir Grüne im Bundestag stehen für eine bäuerlich-ökologische Landwirtschaft“, heißt es auf der Webseite der Grünen Bundestagsfraktion. Man würde sich für gentechnikfreies Essen, eine pestizidarme Landwirtschaft, mehr Ökolandbau und  regionale Vermarktung einsetzen.

Das schockierende Framing der ARD

Die Website hat ein internes Dokument der ARD veröffentlicht, das den Sender in eine peinliche Situation bringt. Die ARD hatte die Sprachwissenschaftlerin Elisabeth Wehling damit beauftragt ein Strategiepapier zu entwickeln – mit dem Ziel das eigene Image aufzupolierenund gegen GEZ-Kritik Stimmung zu machen. Ein Vorhaben, das durch die Enthüllung gehörig nach hinten losging.

Read your news like it could be fake

The story of Claas Relotius of the German Der Spiegel is demonstrative of what is happening to the news cycle. In reality, the integrity of the media lies in its producers just as much as it does in the consumer.

Delivery guy in Germany fired for saying “Brexit is a good thing”

As the sharing economy is taking over, delivery drivers have an indirect relationship with the companies that employ them, making it possible for them to be fired on the spot. While that is a normal employment situation in the United States, Europeans are more inclined and likely to have a fixed work contract that in […]