You Don’t Own This

Disclaimer: The goal of this story is to show the advantages and disadvantages of a society living according to a model of Free-Market Environmentalism. It is embedded in the idea that no economic or judicial system can be just or comfortable. It is inspired, amongst others, by an article by Ryan McMaken of the Mises […]

Verbuetspolitik ass keng Léisung

Dëse Beitrag ass de Manuskript vu mengem Fräie Mikro, deen den 12. September um Radio 100,7 iwwerdroe gouf. Nolauschtere kann een den 100,7 Beitrag hei. Virun zwou Wochen ass et op der Uni Bréissel zu enger Kontrovers komm: Een Internetsite dee Relatiounen zwëschen eeleren a jonke Leit promouvéiert, hat virum Uni-Campus fir sech Reklamm gemaach. Bei sougenannte Relatiounen […]

Si une simple pub vous dérange, ne faites pas d’études

Une publicité aux abords de l’Université de Bruxelles a en a outragé certains cette semaine: le site internet avait fait circuler des panneaux sur lesquels on pouvait lire : “Hey les étudiantes ! Améliorez votre style de vie, sortez avec un sugar daddy !”. Une inscription en tant que “sugar baby” serait gratuite sur le […]

“Everyone needs a coach”

If we’d have to think about Irish stereotypes, we’d find quite a few. Rob Duffy gets quite a few off our checklist pretty much from his first impression. The name, the spectacularly ginger beard, and the thick accent, all make Rob the perfect Irish man. One of the most striking stereotypes, namely the jolliness of […]

Plain packaging is doing nothing to reduce tobacco consumption

With the introduction of the first plain packaging legislation for tobacco worldwide in 2012, Australia inspired European countries to follow its example. Both the UK and France now impose similar legislation on tobacco companies, with widespread unintended consequences. It turns out that the measure has no effect on consumption and, even worse, makes life easier […]

Sebevlastnictví a vrh trpaslíkem

Když se Francie jednou za čas objeví ve zprávách, bývá to obvykle kvůli dalšímu nesmyslnému zákazu. A řekněme si narovinu, že už jsme jich v minulosti viděli vážně, vážně, vážně, vážně, vááážně dost. Zdálo by se, že oblíbený internetový mem vyhlašující zákaz všeho („ban all the things!“) našel dokonalé vtělení právě v zemi vína a sýrů.

“The next libertarian revolution will be in Latin America”

Agostina Lorenzini looks nervous as we begin the call on Google Hangout: “Bill, you know I don’t like to talk about myself”. The humility is unreasonable, as it is for most people who contribute a lot and don’t mention their achievements. “The problem with today’s society is that stupid people are full of confidence and […]

The Frightening Rise of Slovakian National Socialism

In the aftermath of the events in Charlottesville, the debate on the problematic nature of the “alt-right” has been relaunched. In this mix of Trump-supporting Clan members, ethno-nationalists, and outright Nazis, it is hard to see the long-term implications of these movements.

A crypto-hedge fund manager with night vision

Alexander Bremin certainly recognises that what he does isn’t usual for a guy in his twenties. Born and raised in Luxembourg, the son of two Swedish parents saw himself in a lot of trouble in the conventional public school system. “I always had problems accepting the authority of the teachers. It’s not that I reject […]