11 главных вызовов для нового президента Франции Эммануэля Макрона

This article was translated into Russian for Reed Media. The original can be read here. 14 мая 2017 года бывший инвестиционный банкир и министр экономики Эммануэль Макрон вступил в должность президента Франции. Во время предвыборной борьбы его даже называли «самым либеральным кандидатом в президенты за всю историю», но на своем посту он столкнется с давними […]

Judges Don’t Use Uber

“Uber is a transportation company”, says senior advisor to the European Court of Justice Maciej Szpunar. If the ECJ were actually to adopt the same attitude as the Polish legal advisor, then Uber in Europe could soon be what its service UberPOP is today: history. The EU’s court is implementing the same crackdown on the […]

11 Key Issues Emmanuel Macron Needs to be Opposed on

Even though there are plenty of reasons to be happy about the defeat of Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election, the new president Emmanuel Macron, with his stance on the EU and his questionable positions on economic interventionism, likewise deserves some pro-liberty opposition. Here are 11 key issues for the 5 years to […]

Stoppt den Denkmalschutz!

D’Baureguléierungen a Saachen Denkmalschutz sinn an deene leschte Joerzéngte komplett aus dem Rudder gelaf. Et gëtt Zäit op d’Prinzipienidee zeréck ze kommen dass de Proprietaire soll dee sinn deen decidéiert wéi e baut oder renovéiert.

Getting Rid of Smoking Bans now is a Good Idea

For the past several decades, governments have been cracking down on tobacco consumption, including by banning smoking in many places such as bars or restaurants. But we’ve learned a lot about the effects of these kinds of policies over the last few years and now it’s time to reconsider them. Here’s why:

ALDE is a Sad Representative of European Liberalism

Europe has a long-lasting tradition of liberal thinkers, it being the birthplace of classical liberalism. Today’s self-proclaimed ‘liberals’ are a mix of corrupt politicians and activists attempting to be centrists, whereby losing all credibility.

States Driven by Tradition, Actions Driven by Ideology

This article is a follow-up on the Liberty Faceoff from October 2016 for the European Students for Liberty blog. This piece will specifically answer the claims made by Daniil Gorbatenko in his position “There Is no Such Thing as Pure Islam That Should Be Feared”. The full version can be read here.

Schall und Rauch: Europas miserable Anti-Tabak-Politik

Dieser Artikel ist eine Übersetzung meines Beitrags “Europe’s War on Tobacco” der erstmals vom Mises Institute veröffentlicht wurde. Er wurde vom Mises Institut Deutschland veröffentlicht. Weltweit versuchen Staaten, dem Tabakkonsum den Garaus zu machen. Im Grunde weiß jeder, dass Rauchen der Gesundheit schädigt, doch Regierungen schaffen es, durch ihre gesetzlichen Eingriffe in das Leben der Menschen […]