Nutri-Score: Deutschland sollte Frankreich beim Labelling nicht imitieren

Die Bundesregierung befürwortet die Einführung der französischen “Nutri-Score”. Dieses Label hilft Verbrauchern wenig und wirft mehrere problematische Fragen auf. Im April berichtete das Statistische Bundesamt in Wiesbaden, dass 53% aller Erwachsenen in Deutschland im Jahr 2017 übergewichtig waren. Prompt folgten Ideen aus Politik und Gesellschaft, wie man dieses Problem beheben könnte. Die Bundesministerin Julia Klöckner […]

Urine testing for pesticides: new dodgy science straight out of France

If you’ve never heard of “glyphosate pissers,” then picking up French newspapers will take you on a wild ride. As the glyphosate debate captivatestalking heads in Europe – a saturated amount of activists in lieu of scientists – French environmentalists have taken their assassination of the weedkiller one step further.

France’s most dangerous village

A past decision of the French State Council which has dangerously extended the concept of “public morality”. In a decision on December 8, 1997, the French Conseil d’État issued a ruling regarding the municipality of Arcueil, which prohibited the advertising of “pink courier” services in 1990. Despite some positive aspects, particularly with regard to the […]


The international body lacks democratic legitimacy and usually devolves into Trump bashing. Why should America host it next year?

Political violence is unacceptable

In the wake of the ratification of the CETA agreement, environmentalists and anti-free trade zealots are ganging up on politicians who voted for it. This can’t become the new normal.

Il faut relancer la croyance des Français dans l’innovation scientifique

Les Français doutent des bénéfices de l’innovation et du progrès : il est temps que cela change. Une étude récente a démontré que les Français sont parmi les plus sceptiques envers les innovations scientifiques et technologiques. Un fait qui a des conséquences sérieuses sur la performance économique, le commerce international et le débat public.

Trump’s worst export is his trade policy

The latest news in Donald Trump’s multi-front trade war is focused on China, in the wake of the president’s decision (over the objections of most of his advisers) to impose a fresh round of tariffs on Chinese goods and China’s unsurprising threats of retaliation. As troubling as those developments are, we shouldn’t move too quickly past his other […]