One conference to keep Africa hungry

This month the World Food Preservation Center in partnership with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, will hold the first “International Conference on Agroecology Transforming Agriculture & Food Systems in Africa”, in Nairobi, Kenya. The goal of this conference is to promote organic and non-GMO farming as part of a complete “socio-economic transformation” of Africa. A […]

Vous n’êtes pas assez intelligent pour comprendre le mot “végétarien”

Pour le Parlement européen, les consommateurs pourraient être trompés par le marquage ambiguë de certains produits. Le comité de l’agriculture du Parlement européen (AGRI) a soutenu l’amendement de compromis n°41 le 1er avril. Ce texte demande l’interdiction de nommer des produits alimentaires à base de plantes avec des appellations faisant référence à de la viande […]

The European Parliament thinks you’re too stupid to know that a veggie-burger doesn’t contain meat

“Consumer Protection” The European Parliament Agriculture Committee (AGRI) supported compromise Amendment Number 41 on April 1. The amendment calls for a ban on denominations of plant-based food products as containing meat or dairy products. In essence, names such as “veggie burger” or “soy milk” would not be allowed anymore, as they mislead consumers into believing […]

Quoted by Food&Drink International

I was quoted by Food&Drink International on a public consultation on proposals to introduce a 9pm watershed on TV and online adverts for food and drink high in fat, sugar or salt, launched by the UK government. Can read the full quote down below, or on their website.

The business of spreading mistruths about GMOs

This essay was submitted to the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation as a contribution to the 11th International Vernon Smith Prize 2018. Summary:  Spreading mistruths about the scientific background of GMO foods is not only done from a purely ideological basis, but can also have an organisational or even financial advantages for those engaging […]

Quoted by FoodBev Media

I was quoted by FoodBev Media on Public Health England’s proposed calorie cap for supermarket and restaurant foods. Can read the full quote down below, or on their website.