ConsEUmer podcast / EP90: Romania’s Schengen bid, Missed trains, and Europe’s EV struggles (w/ Jan Burdinski)

In this week’s episode of ConsEUmer: 🇷🇴 European Council will decide whether to allow Romania a.o. into Schengen (w/ Emil Panzaru) 🚉 15 European railway companies create flexible substitute tickets 🔌 Is car protectionism the way? (w/ Jan Burdinski) Follow Jan Burdinski on Twitter @Burdinski. Support the war effort in Ukraine: October 27, 2022 […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP78: Germany goes greener & The end of petrol cars (co-hosted w/ David Clement)

This week’s episode is co-hosted with David Clement! We cover: 🌿 Germany’s cannabis model is slowly being unveiled ⛽ The European Parliament signs off on petrol car ban Follow David Clement on Twitter @ClementLiberty. Check out these websites if you want support Ukraine financially: June 16, 2022 Follow ConsEUmer wherever you get your […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP67: Special episode! CCC team in the UAE

This week the Consumer Choice Center team is in the United Arab Emirates for a staff retreat. Joining this special episode: Fred Roeder, Fabio Fernandes, Simon Lee, and Luka Dzagania. Our topics: ⚡ Energy dependence in Europe ₿ Crypto under fire energy use 🍷 The latest in Nanny State rules Check out these websites if […]

[Podcast] Oppen Dieren Episod 14: Fräien Handel an Aarbecht an der EU

Déi véierzéngt Episod vum Podcast “Oppen Dieren” ass disponibel um Lëtzebuerger Journal. Dir fannt déi ganz Episod andeems dir HEI klickt. Hei ass een Teaser: Dir kënnt onofhängege Journalismus ënnerstëtze andeems dir iech op de Lëtzebuerger Journal abonnéiert. Méi Informatioune fannt dir op

L’UE prépare de nouvelles réglementations sur l’alcool

Voilà l’alcool de nouveau attaqué pour ses effets sur la santé. Cette fois-ci par une commission du Parlement européen, qui le lie à un grand nombre de cancers. Les propositions pour limiter les choix des consommateurs se multiplient en réponse… Au sein de la « Commission pour battre le cancer » (BECA) du Parlement européen, […]

Ukraine won’t join the European Union any time soon 

In the wake of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky has renewed his country’s wish to join the European Union. This week, the European Parliament approved Ukraine’s application to join the EU with an overwhelming majority. But Ukraine will not join the European Union this year, and possibly not even in the next five […]