How the EU polarises

The United Kingdom will leave the European Union later than expected, and will therefore participate in the upcoming European elections. The implications of that are significant.

[Video] Interviewed at the Hayek Institute in Vienna

Click down below to watch the full video of me being interviewed by Kai Weiss in Vienna Austria. The event was organised by the Hayek Institute, the Austrian Economics Center, and Students For Liberty Austria, and took place prior to the European elections. Also, if you use Twitter and haven’t followed me yet, make sure […]

The whole cabinet needs to stand behind Luxembourg’s veto on tax questions

Finance minister Pierre Gramegna has expressed the view that Luxembourg should not give up the principle of unanimity voting on tax issues in the European Council. This was in reaction to a suggestion by the European Commission to replace the procedure with qualified majority voting. Were this to happen, Luxembourg could see itself being outvoted […]

[REPORTAGE] Keng Eestëmmegkeet méi? Goerens virsiichteg, Bach dofir

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert, an ass de 25. Januar ausgestraalt ginn. D’Europäesch Kommissioun wëll dass bei Steierfroen an d’Zukunft d’eestëmmegt Averständnis am Europäesche Conseil net méi gebraucht gëtt. Lëtzebuerg géif esou säi Vetorecht zu Bréissel verléieren. De Finanzminister Pierre Gramegna huet sech dogéint ausgeschwat.