Are the Feds Coming for Your Amazon Prime Account Next?

According to the Wall Street Journal, tech giant Amazon may soon face an antitrust lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Amazon has, for years, faced criticism for its business model which is seen by regulators and (some) politicians as “anticompetitive” – whether it is the accusation of preferencing its own products in its online store, […]

La fausse bonne idée des quotas européens de contenu streaming

Comme beaucoup de personnes durant cette pandémie, je suis devenu un peu un accro au streaming. J’ai pu ainsi rattraper le “retard” que j’avais soi-disant accumulé concernant ma connaissance de la culture populaire. Désormais, je suis abonné à trois services à la fois. Je regarde des films et des émissions de télévision populaires des États-Unis […]

We don’t need content quotas

Streaming platforms and consumers should make their own decisions… A number of countries and regions are already applying entertainment content quotas. This means that a certain percentage of audiovisual content on broadcasting channels needs to be local. This rule already exists in France, for radio broadcasters. For private radio stations, there are rules on the […]

The fallacy of content quotas

I’ve become somewhat of a streaming junkie during this pandemic, following up on the criticism that my pop-culture knowledge is sub-optimal. Now subscribed to three services at once, I watch both popular movies and TV shows from the U.S. and niche local productions buried in the dark corners of Netflix. On these platforms, content curation […]