On the LuxVentures podcast

I had the pleasure of appearing on the LuxVentures podcast in Luxembourg, hosted by Aljaž Pengov Bitenc. We talked elections in Luxembourg, talking politics with locals, and Luxembourg’s history. You can listen to the whole conversation by clicking here.

Social democracy is dead, long live socialism

Europe has been hit by a Green wave in politics, with environmentalists structurally outperforming establishment social democrat parties. But it isn’t so much about climate change as it is a rebranding of socialism for young voters. Beware of the consequences.

The Women’s Council narrative on female representation is antiquated

Luxembourg’s newly-elected parliament is constituted of 48 men and 12 women. The Grand Duchy’s Women’s Council (CNFL) expressed its upset with that result, saying that women were not given sufficient platforms during the election campaign, particularly in a country where the voting system is so focused on individual candidates.

What changes politically in the parliament

As the Liberals, Greens and Socialists go into coalition talks, following the election on 14 October, the widespread narrative seems to be that “nothing is going to change” on a political level in Luxembourg. However, voters have made an unmistakable turn to the left, by giving more support to the Greens, as well as voting in […]

Key takeaways from the CSV’s election performance

Lots of concerned faces at the Christian Social People’s Party (CSV) election party … Sunday night and the year 2013 definitely had something in common. Back in 2013, the CSV’s electoral campaign tried to capitalise on the successes of Jean-Claude Juncker, now former prime minister and soon to be former European Commission president.

Ten years after the Great Recession, Luxembourg moves to the left

Cheers and dances filled Sunday’s election night after politicians and activists frantically calculated the numerical options for future coalitions. Much is at stake. Those continuing to rule, or those getting into power, will be the ones to appoint high-level bureaucrats, allow more candidates to enter parliament (since Luxembourgish ministers do not keep their seats in […]

Questions to ask your MEP candidates

In May of 2019, voters of European Union member states will elect a new European Parliament (EP), which will become the basis for the establishment of a new European Commission. Thousands of hopeful candidates are standing for election in the individual states, and voters  should ask some essential questions before entering the voting booth.