ConsEUmer podcast / EP87: Truss time, Veganism fact-checked, and Protests in CZ (w/ Martin Pánek)

In this week’s ConsEUmer podcast: 🇬🇧 The UK has a new Prime Minister 🥗 Politico fact-checks claims on global veganism 🇨🇿 Protests in the Czech Republic (w/ Martin Pánek) You can follow Martin Pánek on Twitter @mmister. Check out these websites if you want support Ukraine financially: September 8, 2022 Follow ConsEUmer wherever […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP64: F2F under fire, Italy looks for gas alternatives, and Humanitarian aid to Ukrainians (w/ Martin Pánek)

In this week’s episode of ConsEUmer: 🚜 The Farm to Fork strategy is coming under fire 🇮🇹 Italy looks for alternatives to Russian gas (w/ Luca Bertoletti) 🇺🇦 Martin Pánek talks about his experience on the Slovak-Ukrainian border Check out these websites if you want support Ukraine financially: You can follow Martin Pánek […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP47: France turns on Nutri-Score, the truth about PFAS, and CZ elections (w/ Martin Pánek)

It’s the end of October! In this week’s episode: 🇫🇷 French agriculture minister turns on Nutri-Score labelling 🧪 The truth about PFAS chemicals (w/ David Clement) 🇩🇪 Germans reject phase-out of internal combustion engine 🇨🇿 What’s next in Czech politics? (w/ Martin Pánek) You can follow Martin Pánek on Twitter at @mmister. October 28, 2021 […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP40: French protectionism, Swedish freedom, and Czech PM vs. the EU (w/ Jan Mošovský)

Episode 40 of ConsEUmer is out! This week: 🇫🇷 France wants stricter rules for food imports 🇸🇪 Sweden drops restrictions on September 29 🇨🇿 Czech PM Babiš targeted by the EU You can follow Jan Mošovský on Twitter @JanMosovsky. September 9, 2021 Follow ConsEUmer wherever you get your podcasts: Apple: podcasts:

[10ème Homme] Nouvelle lettre sur le pacte migration

Chers lecteurs, Comme je vous avais annoncé au mois d’avril 2019, je contribue une fois par mois à la newsletter “10ème Homme”, produit par Vauban Editions en Suisse. Au mois d’août et de septembre ma lettre (et ma vidéo) expliquaient le nouveau budget colossal de l’Union européenne et la dispute maritime entre la Turquie et […]

Do you buy political consent with cash or credit?

The European Commission recently unveiled a list of policy priorities that are supposed to help save the environment. In a previous article on this page, I had looked more specifically at the carbon border tax (which isn’t technically a tax), and which would add further problems of an already struggling European industrial sector. In this piece, […]

[Reportage] Tschecheschem Premier gëtt Detournement vun EU-Gelder virgeworf

Dëse Reportage gouf fir RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg produzéiert, an ass den 10. Januar iwwerdroe ginn. De ganze Beitrag fënnt een och hei. Dem tschechesche Premier Andrej Babiš gëtt Detournement vun EU-Gelder virgeworf. Falls schëlleg, kéint dat och Konsequenze fir seng Partei bedeiten. Am Joer 2017 huet dat tschechescht Parlament op Demande vun der Police d’Immunitéit […]